Blog Written by Maggie Hassler

When there are so many examples of spin in today’s media, it’s refreshing to see publicity picking up on an inspiring story. On May 23, Greensburg, Kansas citizens’ lives were turned upside down, literally, when a tornado swept through destroying their community. Rather than be defeated by this tragedy, the city has embraced new opportunities, some say as an homage to their town’s name. Today, Greensburg is in the early stages of developing “the nations first platinum city” with the highest green certification available.

The plans have been picked up and covered by numerous local and national media outlets. The town was also recently featured in The New York Times, and an entire series on Discovery Communication’s Planet Green show chronicles the town’s efforts while rebuilding. While green washing, the effort to capitalize on the current trend of acting eco-friendly while not giving a hoot about the environment, is an increasing concern in today’s media and businesses, I look forward to following the Greenburg story and rooting them on as they do their best to live up to their name.