Blog written by Cory Sealey

One of the main focuses of the FADS blog is to highlight when a PR firm or someone in the industry does a great job or has a positive effect on the way PR is perceived.  Unfortunately, as you read my last few postings, I haven’t really been the bearer of good news.  But today brings change.  As it is officially spring (despite the four inches of snow on the ground) I am going to give a well deserved PR Gold Star to Nathan Ellis of Syndicate Public Relations in NYC.  I recently stumbled upon an interview he gave to the indiebreakfastclub blog back in 2007 and was blown away.  He is asked basic interview questions but it is his intelligent and honest answers which caught my attention and made me an instant fan.

His firm deals with the seemingly high stress and big ego world of celebrity clients and luxury products, yet he remains humble and articulate in his answers.  He forgoes the stereotypical, “I am important” mind set and offers up his philosophy about the role of PR and its misconceptions, “Subtlety is key with this group as well – they have disdain for the obvious and do not like being pandered to. People think of PRs as pushy loudmouths, but we are quite the opposite.”  He also adds that the quality of a campaign as well as quality of its execution is all dependent upon the passion one has for their clients.  With Chopard and Zac Posen to count among their clients, it’s not hard to imagine the firm’s dedication.

I think the PR industry needs more people like Nathan Ellis.  Sometimes we get so caught up in promising impressions and media relations for our clients, we neglect ourselves.  Kudos Mr. Ellis, keep up the great work!!