Blog written by Brigitte Lyons

I’m ashamed to admit, like so many Americans, I haven’t watched any of the debates between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In my defense, I’m a long-time Illinoisan and, perhaps arrogantly, feel as through I know both candidates pretty well.

Yet as an avid consumer of news media, I’m beginning to wish I watched the debates, if only so I could see for myself whether moderators truly are throwing Obama softballs.

But I don’t think it really matters. More Americans watch Saturday Night Live than the Democratic primary debates, even though voters are fired up this primary season. They’ve seen the Obama girl parody and watched Clinton poke fun at herself.

Even if you think Clinton’s complaining (or pointing out a harmful and unethical media bias) is bad form, it seems to be working. Unfortunately for Clinton, it may be too late. The primaries are virtually over and, like me, most Americans have already made up their minds.