The importance of the relationship between television and politics has continually grown during the past few decades.  Television is an important outlet for politicians to use to share their views; thus, the nature of television has consequently evolved into a means in which the people behind television also are able to express their opinions.

As the race for the 2008 election begins, television shows are beginning to weigh in.  The popular mature cartoon, “South Park” is no exception.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park“ are continuing their run of addressing issues in their own way, which is usually provocative.  In the latest episode, “The Snuke”, they incorporated their own lampoon of Presidential hopeful, Senator Hilary Clinton.  

“South Park” is notorious for their sometimes vulgar, yet thought-provoking episode. The spoof on Senator Hilary Clinton resonates with many of the young voters. Politicians constantly impose their issues on the American people, yet sometimes it’s a nice reality check to realize that this is occurring.  The wisdom of Cartman may not be said in the most moving way, he still conveys the frustration of many.  Whether you support or oppose Hilary Clinton, people can appreciate the value of the attempt of “South Park” to confront the constant interjection of the candidates’ standpoint.  Their conveyance of their beliefs may be crude and jaded, but that’s why people watch and take the things that characters, like ”Chef”, say with a grain of salt. — Betsy Glynn