As I participated in the Columbia College Creative Writing Panel yesterday afternoon, we began to dive into the reaccuring issue of the economy – how it affects students, how it effects business, and how it effects me.


The economy’s in the tank, people are losing jobs left, right, and backwards, and graduating seniors don’t know what they can do. What hope do these students actually have? What opportunities are out there for them?



The answer: EVERYTHING!


Freelancing, participating in a variety of different internships, and starting up your own social media efforts are great ways to take advantage of the stinky economy and turn it in to something that works towards your professional goals.


Sure, it’s not a full time job with benefits yet, but the more opportunities you pursue and fields you explore, the more experienced and ready you will be for the real deal when the economy improves.


Keep your head up kiddies! Just remember: learn from every experience and always have a positive mental attitude!