So apparently providing $40 million to build a 50-acre school for disadvantaged South African girls will get you a lot of bad publicity.  Just recently, about a dozen girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa came forward with a list of complaints which included sexual abuse and harassment.  Although Oprah isn’t entirely to blame for this, she still has to take the heat considering her name is on the building. 

Well, because Oprah is basically the next Mother Teresa, she has gone above and beyond to try and make up for the unfortunate series of abuse and harassment reports at the school.  Oprah has stepped it up and traveled to South Africa to personally apologize to the victims and restore the dignity of the school.  Not only that, but Oprah hasn’t hired her spokesperson to handle all of the negative questioning from the press, she has taken matters into her own hands to show that she is indeed concerned about the victims and the school. 

We talk about how spin sucks here, but this is a great example of how everyone should live their lives through the eyes of the media.  Throw another point up on the board for Oprah! — Lindsay Brown