@TransitionalTee Teresa has spent some time in Chicago because she wants to move here, but I’ve never met her IRL. That being said, I am really impressed with her ability to network, learn, and engage. She writes a daily blog, she uses social media effectively, she has great experience, and she’s really smart. Follow her and let’s get her to Chicago soon (and don’t tell her the shock she’s going to have in January, coming from the OC)!

@StefanieDevery Stefanie is an attorney in New York, who focuses on real estate, wills, bankrupty, and small business. But not only that, she defies the image you automatically have of an attorney. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s witty. And she’s very engaging! Plus she has a Facebook/Twitter technical issue I can’t figure out. Someone please help her so her Facebook friends stop hating her!

@Mebplanner Another Teresa…and spelled the same! But not the same women! I’ve watched this Teresa bloom in front of my eyes during the past few months. She is an event planner who also has an amazing talent for photography. She’s really done well with her life and her career – a true up-and-comer you’ll want to watch.

@LesleyChang Somehow I have a TON of Canadian friends and Lesley is one of them. I love this woman…mostly because I asked her to find my friend @MartinWaxman at a CPRS event and give him a hug AND SHE DID!  She’s into PR, the Web, and she’s a foodie. Who doesn’t like a foodie??

@Naomimimi Naomi is of my Denver contingent who, I swear, will eventually climb a 14er with @erinbrumleve and me. I love her because she’s ALWAYS talking about dancing and it makes me smile. It makes me want to put on a dress and meet her out for an entire night of dancing.

@AnnEvanston Ann is worth the follow just so you can see her Twitter background. She’s a San Francisco friend who calls herself a warrior-preneur. A what? She believes that within every entrepreneur is a warrior; one who is strong, loving, and captivating! LOVE that!

@RachelAKay I often am lucky enough to be put in the same circle of influence as Rachel. Lucky because she’s a PR pro, a BMW lover, and she never says no to wine. Sound like someone else you know? She has a PR firm in San Diego and is a competitor and a friend – someone I respect a great deal.

@PositiveAdaptn I met Victoria because, her husband @evolutionshift, and I run in the same circles. I’ve not met her IRL yet, though she lives up the street. But I can’t wait because she is positive, energetic, and kind. She’s worth the follow because she’ll make you happy even if you’re in a bad mood.

@Angellr I initially followed Bob because he’s from my homestate of Utah and then because his Twitter profile says he’s a “ShortFatBaldUglyGuy” which makes me LOL. Then I started to have real conversations with him and he took some time on the phone with me to help me understand trademarks. He’s smart and engaging…with a wicked sense of humor!

@RustySpeidel It won’t come as a big surprise to most of you that I follow other cyclists and Rusty’s avatar is of him while he’s out riding. So, duh. Of course I’m going to follow him. Since then I’ve learned that Rusty is not only a kick @ss cyclist, but he is experienced, smart, and competitive. In fact, I’ve challenged him to come ride with me. Follow him and bet him he can’t beat me!

@VVarela1974 I don’t know where to start with Vanessa. For those of you who know @julito77, she is his little sister. I LOVE the Varela family. I mean LOVE; they may as well be my long-last family. And Vanessa is no different. Last night she Facebooked me and said, “Happy pre-Friday eve!” Quite clever and made me wish I lived near her so we could celebrate pre-Friday eve. Plus she has a weekly holiday – SOYAS (sit on your @ss Sunday), which I think we all should adhere to. I keep trying to get her to let me run the Chicago chapter, but she knows that’d mean I couldn’t work on Sundays.

@Vicki_Kunkel I met Vicki when she wrote a story about how social media is changing business for entrepreneurs in Chicago. Since then I’ve learned she also is a cyclist and a smart entrepreneur. I love her business model and what it represents to other women entrepreneurs. She’s informative and knowledegeable.

@BriceFaubel I finally got to meet Brice when he came here for a special wine:thirty and he’s more amazing in person than he is on Twitter. He’s also a cyclist (have yet to get him to ride with me) and he’s a graphic designer. One thing I love about him is that he is a people watcher and he has the BEST comments. Non-judgemental, but funny as all heck! Quite amusing to hang out with him!

@GinaAbudi I initially met Gina on Twitter because she’s a fellow Vistage member. Since then I’ve learned she has some of the best leadership advice I’ve ever read. Her blog is full of great information for mid- and senior-level managers, but her expertise is in project management. She truly appeals to a broad audience with really insightful information.

@Johnny2004 Just today I had a DM conversation with Juan who told me he loves his life and is so happy because he doesn’t need much. I love this about him. He is so positive and very “the glass if half full.” Heck, he lives in my very favorite vacation destination – the Dominican Republic! No wonder he’s so optimistic!

@williger You know how they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Well, Darren is one of three competitors I have in Chicago on Twitter grade right now. But just because I’m going to take him down, doesn’t mean I don’t like him. Even though he has something like a zillion followers, he’s one of the most engaging Chicagoans I know (that’s WHY he has so many followers). Plus he’s a superhero and he likes cheese. How can you not like that?

@DougDavidoff I get to meet Doug IRL in a couple of weeks. He said the magic words, “Can I buy you a drink?” Uh…yes! Doug is a Vistage speaker and his business is helping entrepreneurs manage fast growth (I might need to hire him!). We both think alike about business growth and profits, which is why I like him, but I think his blog offers everyone (entrepreneur or not) great career advice.

@ShowHomesThomas I met Thomas because he’s in the franchise industry and I love his business model! You know how you go to sell your house and the real estate agent wants you to remove all your personal stuff and make it look more liveable (which, to you, seems less liveable)? That’s what Thomas does. He stages houses for sale. It’s pretty freaking cool!

@janfog I know Janet IRL because she’s in Denver and a Vistage Chair. She is one of the nicest, most helpful people I know. Literally, I think she would do anything for anyone. She is so successful as a Vistage Chair that a couple of years ago she had groups both in Denver and Minneapolis. Now she’s working in Phoenix, too. They keep giving her more to do! There is a reason for that and, if you follow her, you’ll know why.

@pearlfineteas Just this week I learned that Elise and I both heart @joyfulbathco. The difference is that Elise knows Rochel IRL and I just yearn for the day I get to meet her. Elise has this great little company that sells tea (we just got our package!), but she also works for nitrocreative.com. She’s a go-getter and she has a great little business. If you’re a tea lover, you should check her out!

Gini Dietrich

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