No matter what, word-of-mouth is out there.  How you choose to use it, can work to your advantage.

If you didn’t watch the Sopranos last week I am sure you at least heard about the controversial series finale, leaving fans and bloggers alike with questions and mixed feelings.

The HBO series ended with a blank screen and made viewers, like myself, feel unsatisfied … until I got on my computer only hours later.

Making it on the CNN homepage and hundreds of blogs, the real scoop was announced.

This is a true test to word-of-mouth and what the power of blogs can do.  Once logged into the blogosphere I learned what the ending truly represented, and a light bulb went on.  “It all made since.”

Was this what the creator, David Chase, wanted to happen?  Did he want us to feel like we needed more information to the point where research for closure was a must?  Did Chase want us to tap into our new social resources to find out what everything meant?

I would like to believe yes.  I think it’s great that the show is now over but the word is still out.  People are still Googling and blogging about what it all means.  This series finale took advantage of the tools of the 21st century and caused more of an uproar than ever before.

Between freaking out thinking my cable went out at the exact wrong time, to feelings of relief and satisfaction when my research led me to the bloggers with answers.  This gave me more of a roller-coaster ride with my emotions than my past relationships — I loved it!  –  Molli Megasko