Blog written by Lindsay Brown

Public relations…relating to the public.  The best way to relate to the public is face-to-face.  This allows for a more candid, but intimate meeting.  A comment lament from PR professionals is why some reporters badmouth and label them “annoying flaks.”  The answer is simple, take a look at a reporter’s inbox on a Friday afternoon.  Thousands upon thousands of unsolicited news releases from PR professionals who would rather send an e mail than set-up a face-to-face meeting.  This is what separates the good professionals from the bad.

By sending those releases again and again, you might get coverage for your client or even your firm, but it could be the result of the reporter trying to dig up negative dirt on your event or announcement rather than promote it to the fullest extent because they are annoyed by you, the flak.

PR professionals are known for their excellent communication skills and outgoing personalities.  If you woo a reporter with your skills, you develop a lasting relationship.  The reporter is then able to put a face to a name on those press releases and might even start to think of you as a friend or at least a trusted source and no longer a nameless “flak.”  With all of the PR professionals out there trying to land stories, take initiative, and stand out from the crowd. hits the nail on the head and reaffirms my testament.  So what is good PR?  Start networking and find out.