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The PR Industry Does Need Better PR

By: Gini Dietrich | May 15, 2013 | 

The PR Industry Does Need Better PRIt’s 5:23 a.m. and I’m sitting at my desk, watching the neighborhood start to light up as the sun rises.

The birds are chirping, squirrels (I hate those little rats with fuzzy tails) are running across the telephone wires, and people are beginning to walk their dogs.

As is my ritual, I start my day reading, particularly if I don’t already know what I’m going to blog about, which is the case this morning.

Sure, I could write about the absolute disaster that is Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro, but I think the way those business owners are behaving on Facebook is completely on purpose (they’ve been known to behave the same way on other sites, such as Yelp) so I won’t give them more than a…it really is worth reading because the meltdown is epic.

The PR Industry Needs Better PR

So I opened an article Roula Amire sent me and went down the rabbit hole of clicking on all the links in the story.

Titled, “The PR Industry Needs Better PR,” I rejoiced and began to read.

The author, Martine St. Victor (such a great name!) tells the story of how Samantha Jones, the “promiscuous party-hopping commitment-phobic PR professional” from Sex & the City set the stage for the stereotype that is the profession.

Not to be outdone, of course, by PR Girls and Lizzie Grubman, who was arrested and jailed in 2002 for backing her car into a crowd of bystanders at a nightclub.

But what struck me the most about the article? Are you sitting down? This is going to hurt.

In a recent article entitled “How to Apply PR Skills at Networking Events,” the article’s author writes: “The best female publicists know how and when to reveal a bra strap.”

So, of course, I clicked.

PR Skills at Networking Events?

The article, written a couple of years ago, talks about how to use your PR skills at a networking event (I still haven’t figured out what PR skills those are, but we’ll go with it).

The author suggests things such as: Listen and interact, make eye contact, “it’s not about me; it’s about you,” and dress the part.

I’m still trying to figure out how those are PR skills, but still going with it.

  1. Listen and interact. “The worst publicists talk to you and ask few questions. The best publicists know how to drive conversations.” First of all, PR and publicity are not the same. I feel like I’m going to say that until I’m literally blue in the face, but they’re not the same. Secondly, these are not skills of publicists. These are skills of human beings who know how to listen.
  2. Make eye contact. “This is a common sense rule, but many people at this networking event failed to make consistent eye contact.” OK. I’ll give him this one…sort of. When we do media training, we teach executives not to look around the room while they’re talking to a reporter. Just like it does anyone else, it makes a journalist feel like you’re looking for someone more important. And, if you make a journalist feel that way, they’re surely to write a story about you that isn’t so flattering.

    That said, it’s not the skill of a PR person. I was recently at a fundraising dinner and a woman asked me a very specific question. While I answered her, she was scanning the room and, right in the middle of a sentence, she put her hand on my arm and said, “I’m so sorry. I see the Alderman over there.” And she bounced away. I felt like an idiot and now I have zero respect for her.

  3. It’s not about me. It’s about you. “In publicity, I tell clients we need to think of what the media needs – not what you need. It’s no different at networking events.” Again, not a PR skill. It’s a HUMAN BEING SKILL.
  4. Dress the part. But here’s the kicker: “The best female publicists know how and when to reveal a bra strap. The best male publicists know when a touch on the elbow is appropriate and how long to hold on during a handshake.” I have no words. NO. WORDS. The kicker? The people in the comments agree with this statement.

I’m with Martine St. Victor…the PR industry does need better PR.

Let’s start with those who call publicity PR and then move to those who think a bra strap revelation means you’re networking like a PR pro.

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Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • The word “publicity” makes me want to shower with a Brillo pad.

    • Frank_Strong You know, it does me too. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

    • Frank_Strong LOL!!!

      • belllindsay Frank_Strong ginidietrich just remember. Frank does the marketing for Brillo and uses it for everything. Also why he has the best complexion of all of us!

        • onlinedesign

          Howie Goldfarb belllindsay Frank_Strong ginidietrich I gotta dip outta here — this is addicting. Excellent thoughts & funnies today. Thank you, with a smile.

        • Howie Goldfarb belllindsay Frank_Strong ginidietrich Well, I always show bra strap, but it never works for me.  So complexion is the next best thing.  (this comment sponsored by Noxzema).

  • I feel dirty just reading the ‘dress the part’ advice. Ick.

    • katskrieger I sat here with my mouth open. I can’t believe people in the comments agreed with him. It’s astounding to me. But next time I see you? I’m totally revealing my bra strap.

      • ginidietrich katskrieger At sushi, right! 😉

        • photo chris

          lizreusswig ginidietrich katskrieger is it the sushi bar that you eat off of models? now THAT would be perfect!

    • katskrieger yes I am definitely wearing a short skirt and revealing bra at my next client meeting. Works every time.

      • Howie Goldfarb katskrieger That would totally work for you, Howie!

  • This reminds me of the advertising mantra…if only the ads were better people would love ads. If only we could find a new place for the ads to stand out advertising would be better. Did you know they have ads on the little plastic disinfectant holders than sit at the bottom of urinals in clubs and pubs?
    This is similar to when @dannybrown recently blogged about social platform building. Marketing/Advertising/PR is too often about ‘US’ vs the client and the user. It is too often about scamming vs doing the hard work or having the quality of something stand on it’s own merit.
    But I ask you think Miss ginidietrich if this stuff didn’t work would it be used? How much Publicity happens because you like someone or because they flirt with you? Would kids really beg for Fruit Loops if they didn’t see an ad showcasing that toy inside that cost $0.07 made in china?
    Sales is only one step above. Many contracts have been sealed over nights out to strip clubs or escorts sent to hotel rooms at conferences. 
    But don’t forget we live in a righteous and moral country where this stuff would never happen. And thankfully it doesn’t!
    Hey do I get a prize for staying on topic today?

  • BTW the Bible: Roger’s Rules for Success do not include any of these tactics.

  • rbowden56

    YES, we do!

  • So tell me …..wait, is that Richard Daley?!

  • So you’re telling me NOW that I shouldn’t be revealing my bra strap when I’m networking?

    • Shelley Pringle No, no. YOU can totally do it. Just no one else. If everyone starts doing it, pretty soon you’ll have to start wearing shirts that are so see-through, you can see your whole bra. And then it goes downhill from there.

      • ginidietrich Shelley Pringle My husband has begun pondering what prostitutes have to wear to get noticed these days. He’s pretty sure it’s a completely non-revealing business suit.

        • AmyVernon Shelley Pringle LOL! He’s probably right!

        • JulieDennehy

          AmyVernon ginidietrich Shelley Pringle Feetie pajamas will be the new “sexy garment”.

  • DonnaLehman

    Spot on commentary Gini. Thanks for calling out the ridiculous. ‘Make eye contact’? Showing the bra strap would seem to contradict that ‘skill’ – because surely that little reveal would draw eyes away…especially if it’s black…(ooh, creepy even making fun of this). Glad you found something in your reading this morning to shake us up.

  • Great. Now I have “Let’s Talk About Sex” as today’s earworm. Seriously, what is wrong with people?? Bra straps are so….1989! Reveal a hint of your Spanx and now we’re really getting down to business.

    • belllindsay Great. Now I have it stuck in my head too.

      • ginidietrich belllindsay Let’s talk about the good things and the bad things that may be.

        • jasonkonopinski ginidietrich My work here is done.

      • ginidietrich belllindsay Dammit.

      • JulieDennehy

        ginidietrich belllindsay Curse you, George Michael, and your sexy gold earring.

    • photo chris

      belllindsay OMG- between you and Amy I am now laughing so hard I think I am delirious. AND I am wearing Spanx and have a networking meeting to attend later today…so, advice please…what part do you think should be “hinted at” the leg, which involves an ankle length skirt and could be awkward to work in, or the waist-high portion…maybe if I “bend and reach” in a “legally blonde” fashion? Just want to make sure I get it right to land that partnership! (there needs to be a sarcasm font least anyone take that seriously!)

  • OK, so if I have this straight I’ve learned… backing into a crowd of people = BAD. Objectifying yourself (male or female) = GOOD. And ginidietrich is still on a mission to end squirrels and the misconception that PR and Publicity are the same thing. All in all not a bad way to start the day.

    • briantudor ginidietrich To be fair, squirrels ARE rodents.

      • onlinedesign

        AmyVernon briantudor ginidietrich Squirrel Rodents have FLEAS and are not welcome in my yard anymore per Bella the Dog.

    • briantudor That pretty much sums it up. Guess I didn’t need to spend an hour writing this. Could have just used your summation instead!

      • ginidietrich well I needed all the additional materials to come to that conclusion… without that there would be no summation.

  • To be fair, if I showed a bra strap I’m pretty sure the conversation would either stop or become all about my manssire.

    • MattLaCasse You raise a very good point.

      • ginidietrich In all seriousness though, it’s amazing our profession has even survived, much less thrived, given the level of idiocy displayed by (and I use this term extremely loosely) colleauges in the field.

  • PattiRoseKnight1

    The bra strap comment doesn’t surprise me at all.  I blame it on Don Drapper of Mad Men.  I think the Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique and Bistro is a case study for all CEOs on what NOT to do….epic failure is putting it mildly.

    • PattiRoseKnight1 It was a fail so fun to watch!

  • mcahalane

    On bra straps: Stunned. Absolutely stunned. That’s quite awful.
    For the rest, you’re so right. Those are basic people skills. We need the same people skills in fundraising. Just be a thoughtful human, that’s the biggest part of it.

    • mcahalane I don’t know why it’s so hard…I get common sense isn’t so common.

    • mcahalane Amen. No one has to sell me on anything, I can sell myself once you’ve engaged me as a human.

  • Narciso17

    The Fact That This Kind of List Oversimplifies What the PR Does … And Then Go On About When To Reveal a Bra Strap (Makes Sense Why It Never Worked for Me … Ha-Ha-Ha) … Truly Highlights What Can Go Wrong When You Insert Your Own Beliefs for Real Business Practices.
    And Let’s Not Forget The Real Value that Comes With Common Sense … If You Don’t Look a Person In The Eye, You Come Off As Shifty … ad Who Wants to  Be *That* Guy!
    ‘Pfft!’ Say I!
    Narciso Tovar
    Big Noise Communications

    • JulieDennehy

      Narciso17 What’s with the initial caps?

      • Narciso17

        Well, JulieDennehy … ginidietrich Can Tell You That the Initial Caps is a Little Picadillo of Mine – No Real Reason Behind It. Well, Not Really – Just Like the Way It Looks and Appreciate How It Helps *Your* Info Pop Out  🙂

        • Narciso17 JulieDennehy Julie, He Always Writes This Way and I Don’t Know How Because It Takes A Lot of Extra Time.

        • Narciso17

          Well ginidietrich – It Does Take a Little Bit Of Extra Time … HOWEVER, b/c of That, It Also Helps Me S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N. Enough to Where My Thoughts Are a Bit More … Ya’ Know  😉 JulieDennehy

  • *headdesk*

    • AmyVernon Right?!

    • photo chris

      AmyVernon sooo funny! In one word. Thank you!

      • photo chris In that case, I made it up. 🙂

  • Great read and good reminder that “eye contact” is about being engaged, and common decency.  Glad to hear that not applying a common courtesy can leave a lasting impression.  Hopefully the Alderman ignored her 🙂

    • djenningspr Unfortunately, he did not. And then she came back and wanted me to start over answering her original question. I found someone else to talk to.

  • Wait. WHAT?! I’m with – I have no words for the bra strap thing. NO WORDS. I’m thoroughly grossed out now. Apparently, PR folks are only successful if we operate like Don Draper and the Mad Men crew.

    • lauraclick Well, if that’s the case, all we’re good for is a fight over ham in the grocery store at Thanksgiving.

  • Revealing a bra strap makes me just want to shrug my shoulders and sag but then no one would be looking at my eyes!

    • annelizhannan No, they most certainly would not!

  • OWW!  My jaw hurts from hitting the table…REALLY?!  What – no cleavage while we’re at it?
    So basically this is one step forward, three decades back!

    • lizreusswig best quote ever. saddest quote ever. all in one. Glad it wasn’t centuries or you wouldn’t be voting this november 😉

    • lizreusswig Sigh…no cleavage either. I’m sorry.

  • Wait…so you’re telling me I have to wear a bra now?

    • Word Ninja ginidietrich Yes, and underneath your see-through too!

    • Word Ninja LMAO! Comment of the day right here!

  • It reminds me of being the kid who was trying to get a job as a drug rep. Went all the way to the final round of interviews and “lost” to two blondes. 
    They might have been really smart, I don’t know but I can guarantee a big part of why they got the job was better assets than I had.
    I am no prude but we still push a “sex sells” society and pay a ton of attention on looks/material possessions  I am not surprised to see it elsewhere.
    It is tied into people who use simple metrics like “How many likes” their page receives.  A lot don’t like digging deeper.

    • JulieDennehy

      Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Agree with you Joshua in one word: Kardashian.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes You know what though, that sort of thing is a sign that you deserve a better job. Imagine working in a job where something that trivial is put on a pedestal as important. Very short shelf life.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes This is a huge stereotype, but every drug rep I know is beautiful.

  • We need an Intro to PR 101 class that explains, in exact detail, what PR does and doesn’t do. 
    Specifically, we don’t go to cocktail parties every night and drink lots of wine. That only happens once every other week. And we are not bimbos. We are real people with real talent, regardless of how Hollywood portrays us.
    Can you make this happen?

    • bradmarley Could you imagine the crushed faces on clients in a PR 101 class who learn that PR isn’t just going to get them into really great parties? The sheer disappointment that will run through them when they learn that we are actually earnest professionals who want to help them drive real business with research based tactics.  Are you ready to crush those hearts?  🙂

      • HeatherTweedy bradmarley Are you both saying that my 4.3 seconds into a conversation elbow touch method isn’t going to work? 


        • JoeCardillo HeatherTweedy bradmarley Maybe if you also let your bra strap show………

        • onlinedesign

          JoeCardillo HeatherTweedy  Y’all are hysterical this morning. JoeCardillo, if that happened…I’d never wash that elbow again. 
          All kidding aside, I enjoy the ‘PR vs Publicity 101’ conversations here as reminders to practice our craft(s) with integrity.
          Suspending reality for a sec, what do you care if I use sexy attire *cough – devil’s advocate – cough*  to get an audience with the right people to advance my client’s needs?
          It’s just a disgusting fact that the sexy, prettier, more-handsomer, peeps get where they need to be using any and all methods of bra-trickery to do so — are they smarter than us? Play the game better?
          Are WE the ones falling behind in line OR losing a competitive edge by standing firm to our ethics, morals, and code of common decency and professionalism? 
          There’s a local publicist that everyone in my networking arena seems to adore and she’s a TOTAL “B” (starts with a “B” and rhymes with WITCH!!!) 
          Not kidding, I can’t stand to be in the same room with her — AND she’s mean to ME. Geesh, I’m as nice as they come. If you’re going to be hateful to me, you probably mutilate kittens in your spare time —  straight-up evil. It’s been going on for years.
          Bra Strap? No, this one uses the “wear your boobies on a platter before you” technique at every event, and she seems to get along just fine.
          She’s also the one who accepts no new client assignments worth less than $15K. She’s now bagging some really BIG fish, yet we’re at all the same events, networking with all the same people…what gives? The Bra Strap Effect? 
          In many cases, I feel my “work” is far superior to hers. Jealous? No. Pondering my ethics…perhaps? 
          Or is it that she’s YOUNGER than me? My daughter, the working Model, seems to think so. She’s all the time trying to get me to show the bra strap! I decline. 
          I do damn good work and my clients are satisfied, A+. Could a little cleavage and face-touching launch my business into the starosphere?
          *I just threw up a little.

        • JoeCardillo 
          HeatherTweedy But that means you’re into them.

        • onlinedesign JoeCardillo HeatherTweedy Y’know, I’ve thought about this a lot, and the truth is people use those tactics because they are effective. If they’re sleeping well at night, I don’t know. 
          For my part, I try to focus on good work. What I am always always thinking about is finding out what matters to people, and why. That’s the most salacious way to get my attention.

        • JoeCardillo onlinedesign HeatherTweedy bradmarleyPersonally, I don’t have a problem building rapport with business contacts through harmless flirting. 
           I think that we all have tricks to build an instant connection with others.  For instance, I drink single malt scotch and can talk about nearly any major sport on the planet.  It just seems to make a lot of potential contacts like me more and likability is a huge factor in doing business with someone.  We all aim to be remembered positively when networking. 
          That being said, my undergarments stay very well hidden.

        • HeatherTweedy JoeCardillo onlinedesign bradmarley Hey, as long as it’s equal opportunity flirting I’m all for it, and I’ve been known to practice. Age, gender, etc… have never stopped me from getting to know someone =)

        • onlinedesign

          JoeCardillo exactly.

        • onlinedesign JoeCardillo HeatherTweedy Look, I’m no prude. You are speaking to the woman who sat in the front row of her advanced calculus class – at a Jesuit university – every M, W, F at 8 a.m. in the shortest skirt she could find. Let’s just say I didn’t study much for that class.

  • photo chris

    I’m so glad I woke up this morning to fall off a cliff and into, what, 1950? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!? I “minored” in Women’s Studies in college in 1996- NINETY_SIX, kept my maiden name when I married, married a man who came from a “traditional household” and somehow doesn’t always like but “gets” that housework, childcare, life happens and is half his job, teach my daughter (AND my son when’s he’s old enough) to be strong and kind and that they can do anything and this, this, THIS is what some idiot has boiled networking and PR success into, showing a BRA STRAP and making eye contact while holding a hand/elbow for an appropriate time? I should sic my karate-chopping daughter on him when she is older- wouldn’t THAT be a surprise to him? Ohhhh, I wasn’t fully awake when I logged in this morning (Gini, 5:23- how do you DO that?!?) but I am UP now.

    • photo chris I have so many things to say to this…had you had your coffee when you wrote this? It seems like it had JUST hit your veins! All I know is I cannot wait for your kids to get older!

      • photo chris

        ginidietrich photo chris Ha! The coffee and this hit AT THE SAME TIME- KA–POW! And then I go on to read all the brilliant, funny, wonderful things people pitched in with and I go, ahhh, riiiiight, sense of HUMOR!  I got a second cup and sent love to everyone who helped me have one. 🙂

  • susancellura

    OMG! That is hiliarious and so very sad! I am always disgusted with the way a bra strap looks when displayed, even when it is not intentional. And yet, so many women do it on purpose. Blerg. 
    Back to the topic. Why, oh why, do women and others feel they need to play the “sex” card or continue to be okay with not being treated with respect in the business world? If you know what you are talking about and continue to back that up with good and great work, as well as stay ethical, then you don’t need to show a bra strap or a little leg. If I were to do that, I would disrespect and disgust myself.
    Of course, I also laughed a little because maybe PR needs a new name as well as better PR.

    • susancellura I like to tell the story of when I worked on the Bayer Ag account, they sent me out into the corn and soybean fields to talk with the growers. I did nothing to pretend like I fit in. I am a city girl and I dress like one. So I’d show up in my suit and heels and these growers would look me up and down and then say to the camera guy, “Could you do the interview instead?” It became a game to me to see how quickly they became my friend when I opened my mouth and they realized I knew what I was talking about. In fact, I would wear the most ridiculous heels or business clothes I could find, just to perpetuate the image that I was clueless.

  • Fortunately, everyone here is already concerned with being an awesome human. 
    Which is how you do good business with people you like.

    • JoeCardillo all I can say Joe is I loved how you got your follow friday by touching ginidietrich ‘s elbow in just the right way and ensuring your shirt was open just enough to show cleavage 😉

      • Howie Goldfarb JoeCardillo ginidietrich Did I mention I’m launching my own agency, CreeperPR, next month? It’s going to be very exciting.

        • JoeCardillo Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich Guess BraStrapPR was already taken…

        • djenningspr JoeCardillo Howie Goldfarb Well, I just did a search for BraStrapPR. It is NOT taken, however, this blog post is the first search result.

        • ginidietrich djenningspr JoeCardillo Howie Goldfarb Opportunity knocks. Any takers?

  • This is hilarious. “Know when a touch on the elbow is appropriate.” I had no clue we were suppose to be creepers.
    Gini have you done an article about Public Relation Professionals vs Publicists? My friends and I have this debate all the time about how publicists are not PR professionals.

    • stevenmcoyle I have, actually! More than once. 
      Here’s one:

  • ElissaFreeman

    Wait a second here. You mean I’ve been buying bras with uber-sexy straps FOR NO REASON AT ALL??? 
    I’m devastated.

    • ElissaFreeman Ditto. Jeesh….such a bummer of a day to have my eyes opened like this.

    • ElissaFreeman Oh no. Not for no reason. We just won’t discuss your sex life here.

  • rustyspeidel

    The internet has made it possible for anyone to “be in PR.” Sadly, many are now “in PR” who have no business there. 
    What’s hard for me is that I CANNOT find a bra that really is very comfortable. It’s a real pain and has been affecting my work.

    • rustyspeidel Yeah, but comfortable bras will never get you business.  Gotta bring the sexy to really succeed!

    • rustyspeidel Your second paragraph made me laugh out loud. Literally.

      • photo chris

        ginidietrich rustyspeidel ditto

  • I’m so glad we’re moving away from bra strap slippages – fair chafed my shoulders, they did!

    • Danny Brown You should see what happened to Howie Goldfarb ‘s legs after the kilt wearing incident of ’13. It was pretty ugly. 😉

    • Danny Brown I hope you’re wearing your bra to SocialCapital. I want to see some strap!

  • ElissaFreeman

    As a visual lesson…simply check out my twitter account elissapr to view the PROPER way to create bra slippage. I am available for any questions….

    • ElissaFreeman That seriously cracked me up! I kind of want to use it as the image for this blog post.

      • ElissaFreeman

        ginidietrich go ahead…it’s better than the one you’ve got!! LOL

  • suzannem1

    Victoria’s Secret – The PR Collection.

    • suzannem1 I think you’re on to something! Go pitch it!

    • photo chris

      suzannem1 that. is. awesome! LOL

  • Gini, what can I say – I love you for writing this (I wrote a long paragraph here about how it reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi’s song ‘Bad Medicine’ but substituting ‘PR’ for love in the part where it goes ‘you give love a bad name’. Because this rocks. Get it? But I deleted it. Just so you know).

    • Elja1op1 You now know I have Living on PR stuck in my head?!

  • Showing bra straps, touching elbows, long hand shakes… did you go back in time? I’m surprised that it was written last year, and not 20 years ago. BTW, I think I’m not alone when I say that I want to see SPIN Suck’s take on that couple from Amy’s Baking Company (jk)

    • Rodriguez247 Was that not a marvelous disaster?! I keep going back because it’s so fun to watch!

      • ginidietrich It is the PR disaster that keeps on giving. There are now Facebook pages dedicated to the waitresses. What a train wreck, and I can’t turn the other way.

  • photo chris

    I am also reminded of the phrase that I  want to shout at passing teens like a grandma, “Pull your pants up, your underwear is NOT an accessory!”

    • photo chris I want to shout that one, too!

      • photo chris

        ginidietrich photo chris ha! I think I am going to invest in a cool cane to shake while I say it. THAT will show ’em 😉

  • rdopping

    You’re networking like a pro alright but like any pro I wanna know. How old is this guy? 17? Sheesh. Why does everything have to boil back down to sex? Redundant question, I know. But seriously?

    • rdopping You’re networking like a pro. LOL!!

  • Suggesting that the flash of a bra strap or a lingering hand on an elbow could make or break my ability to network successfully is seriously maddening. I’ve been doing this all wrong….

  • DarenWms

    Clearly the author is confusing good interpersonal skills with “PR skills” as you point out. My experience is that anyone who is a good “schmoozer” thinks they’d be “good at PR.” Part of the problem may be that “PR” is used too loosely to describe our profession. Public relations is one skill. Media relations is another, as are employee communication, public affairs, issues and crisis management (or reputation management), etc. It seems to me all of these skills involve developing relationships with a variety of audiences. Perhaps we should rebrand PR as Relationship Management?

    • DarenWms AMEN! I am so with you on this one. It makes me crazy the loose generalizations and the people who think, because they can talk, they must be good at PR. ARGH!

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  • And as if the story wasn’t bad enough five years ago, apparently the author felt it was worth resurrecting and having Ragan’s PR Daily repost it today….sparing all from additional link love though…

    • djenningspr I was actually trying to avoid reading it, but then I saw the Ragan link and thought, oh that looks like something I should read……. D’oh.

      • JoeCardillo I had to do a double-take.  I initially thought, why would someone steal the idea from this blog for another one. After reading more, I realized pretty quickly what was going on….double D’oh!

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  • This just has to stop. I mean.. it’s not us I don’t think, it’s them – it’s hacks, it’s the clients who confuse publicity and fake stunts as PR, who confuse people skills and basic professionalism as ‘industry’ traits. Ugh. And don’t get me started on the bra strap thing – that’s made of so much FAIL, I’m not gonna bother. FWIW.

    • 3HatsComm I don’t know if it will stop until kids are taught in school what the profession is really about. When we interview new college grads and we ask, “Why do you want to go into PR?” the answer is almost always, “I’m really good with people.” What?!

      • ginidietrich Ugh. But in a way that’s a good deal breaker question for you.. helps you thin the no/yes piles pretty quickly. ITA on the education, which won’t be at all easy as step one is teaching PR and Communication not as a one-week chapter in a marketing class, but given their own weight w/ that, accounting, finance, econ, etc. FWIW.

  • kadeeirene

    I agree the PR industry does need better PR – that bra strap article seems like it was bought from a content farm for $20 and not written (I hope anyway) by an actual professional. Still, this happens too often. Gini – I really enjoy your content on Spin Sucks. I’m fairly new out of college and I think I’ve learned more from reading your blog than I did in class. The strategy and holistic approach to PR that you talk about so often has really helped me re-frame what PR means to me and where/who I want to work with.

    • kadeeirene You just made my entire day. Thank you!!

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