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#FollowFriday: Six Qualities of Past Featurees

By: Chuck Kent | August 9, 2013 | 

The Spin Sucks #FollowFriday Recommendations for 2013

By Chuck Kent

I’m feeling a bit like John Oliver just now, who sheepishly reminds Daily Show viewers every night that, no, he still is not the person they tuned in to see (Jon Stewart being on an extended planned absence from the show).

Your disappointment notwithstanding, I will forge ahead and gamely try to satisfy your #FollowFriday longings.

I will not, however, try to imitate the one-of-a-kind Gini Dietrich or her approach of speaking very personally to and about her Spin Sucks crazies (a unique bit of community-building that she described so well – with an unexpected shout-out to yours truly – in her Cision webinar just yesterday).

Instead, I thought it might be useful to all of you hoping for a #FollowFriday shout-out here to get a recap of common qualities of former featurees, illustrated by previously highlighted crazies (consider this a more fact-based approach than my previous fill-in for Gini).

A review of the past couple of years’ posts indicates that Spin Sucks crazies featured in #FollowFriday are often:


Heidi Massey:
The  #FF post featuring Heidi says ”Nonprofits are both her career and her passion and she gives back to them as often as she can.”


Anne Ruess
Funny isn’t always going for the big yucks, but hereabouts it definitely means having a sense of humor. Gini says of Anne “she is wicked smart, absolutely adorable, and has a great sense of humor (and we all know how much I like funny people).”


Julio Varela
Ms. D is a sucker for super-smart people, with or without Ivy League pedigree.  She writes, “A Harvard grad, Julio goes against every stereotype you have of those who went to school there. Yes, he’s smart, but the arrogance the school seems to breed missed him.”


Deb Dobson

Community requires generosity, especially of one’s time and attention.  Of Deb, Gini writes: “…without a doubt, one of the most generous people I know… She’s one who… will engage, will ask you questions about yourself, and will give of herself more generously than anyone else you know.”


It’s simple:  Actively commenting counts, not simply to boost your own exposure, but to continually breathe life into the Spin Sucks community.

In yesterday’s Cision webinar, Gini mentioned how #FollowFriday didn’t really take off (in fact, was at first a bit of a bomb) until she started concentrating on people who are active in the comments section.

A few of those these days include: Howie Goldfarb,  Paula KigerRebecca Amy Todd, and Joe Cardillo.


Dallas Kincaid
“Trouble” may be too strong a term here – I really mean “fun,” but just a bit more out there.  Take Dallas Kincaid.  Gini calls him a “a trouble causer, pot stirrer, and menacing force of nature.”  Obviously, the boring need not apply.

So you want to be in #FollowFriday?  Consider the above carefully, and then get involved.  It’s easy to start right now – head to the comment section (I’ll meet you there).

About Chuck Kent

Chuck Kent is on a mission to make content marketing more creative and less “me too.” He is a brand strategist, writer and content creator, and creative director of Creative on Call, one of earliest virtual “non-agencies.” Previously a senior creative at BBDO, he writes about branding, content creation and their intersection, both on his own blog and as a contributing editor/author for Branding Magazine. He even sings about it in his weekly retort to #FollowFriday, #SocialSong Saturday.

  • Woo hoo! I’m starting Friday tucked right in between howiegoldfarb and RebeccaAmyTodd (and physically in Orlando). It’s gonna be a good day (and thanks Chuck!).

    • biggreenpen howiegoldfarb RebeccaAmyTodd You’re just lobbing that “tucked in between” remark for howiegoldfarb and RebeccaAmyTodd to make a little trouble with, aren’t you?

      • creativeoncall biggreenpen howiegoldfarb RebeccaAmyTodd I must admit as I was typing it, a little voice in the back of my head was saying “heh Howie will have a blast with that idea”. Take it away Howie….

        • biggreenpen creativeoncall howiegoldfarb RebeccaAmyTodd ginidietrich Hey Paula thank you so much for getting my neighbor’s cat out of that tree. People think being a Super Hero is all battles explosions and glory. But not really. I mean how often does someone try to take over a city? Not very often. It is the thankless but so important everyday acts of kindness they provide us that go unnoticed. Well I noticed Paula!

  • rdopping

    Nice run down Chuck. You could likely do that post for a year and not run out of content. Cheers.

    • rdopping You made a special cameo in my Cision webinar yesterday, too!

    • rdopping Thanks, Ralph.  And didn’t Gini tell you? I’m signed up to do 364 more of these…

      • creativeoncall rdopping Well, it’s more like 51 more.

        • ginidietrich creativeoncall rdopping No, you promised I could do it every day, it was just that good… didn’t you?

        • creativeoncall rdopping Darn concussion. My short-term memory is shot!

  • Great list. I pretty much adore these people. And Gini, go back to bed! Chuck’s got this.

    • AnneReuss

      jeanniecw *Silently cheering to myself* You know it’s been about a year now? You still like me! #Winning

    • jeanniecw I have work to do!

  • Lot of great people in this list, most of which I now call friends, thanks to ginidietrich !

    • debdobson62

      JustInTheSouth ginidietrich Two really good friends in both of you who I’m so happy I’ve met IRL.  Sending hugs to both of you!

  • debdobson62

    Thank you .  A great list of folks and I feel honored to be included.  And I agree with .  Go back to bed ginidietrich!

  • HeidiMassey

    So about these songs…I should become familiar with someone who has taken to posting information about me online. Where might I find one? And should I be creeped out about this? 😉
    Was probably a pity inclusion because we nonprofit folks need all the help we can get, right.
    Well, at leadt we all now have bragging rights. Included in 2 Follow Fridays

    • HeidiMassey

      And note to the wise: Commenting on your phone can mak you look like an idiot. Too many typos! And accidental premature posting.
      Thanks for including me! Went back and reread the old post and comments. My day is set.

    • HeidiMassey Heidi, here’s the very first #SocialSong Saturday, inspired by and featuring one Gini Dietrich   Enjoy those bragging rights 🙂

      • HeidiMassey

        creativeoncall I think I’m in love. #swoon

  • I’m trying to decide if I’d rather be a Troublemaker or Passionate…hmmmm….

  • I remember I first met Six Qualities of Past Featurees back in college. e was a hackysacking deadhead who would skip class for weeks to go on tour with Jerry. But then in 1992 he found god and launched his own Televangelist TV Show so that he could have a Cadillac. But by 1995 his venture had gone bust when Pat Robertson called him a sinner. 
    Hitting rock bottom drifting into gangs and boones farm addiction he got a big break doing stand up comedy at the local strip club. Next thing he was warming up for Leno and Chris Rock. Now he is a superstar comedian…movies….theater….stand up…..big house in Bel Air…..has his won foundation to save the southwestern turtle weasel from extinction…and coaches his kids soccer, lacrosse and badminton teams. 
    Six Qualities of Past Featurees is true success story. Next week he will be on an Oprah special and today Follow Friday! Amazing!

    • AMAZING.

    • Howie Goldfarb Truthfully for a while there I wondered if Six Qualities would make it….a lot of people don’t know this but SQ also had a bout with Persimmonitis, a condition in which the patient feels and acts like a small piece of fruit. After several months of trying to get into one of those medley baskets, he finally course-corrected, no small thanks to ginidietrich’s Fruitsion webinar back in ’04.

      • Medley baskets!!! HAH!

        • RebeccaTodd I think the basket case image is apt

        • creativeoncall RebeccaTodd JoeCardillo I am so glad he pulled through. Though also bummed because I needed some small fruit for my salad.

    • Howie Goldfarb Howie makes everything better.

  • Well thank you very much for this shout out, Chuck! To be Listed with Howie, Paula, and Joe…well that is an honour! And for the record- Dallas is a TOTAL trouble maker.

    • RebeccaTodd In the takes-one-to-know-one sense, I’ll take your word on Dallas’ character 🙂

    • HeidiMassey

      RebeccaTodd And I represent the chopped liver contingent.

    • RebeccaTodd Are there partial troublemakers?

      • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I consider you sort of the expert in that.

  • I think you touched on it, but a general quality I like about active participants of the SpinSucks ecosystem is that we all believe in “a rising tide lifts all boats.”
    Something I believe in strongly. The other quality I respect in the community is that anyone can have a great idea or thought, it’s that core, and not someone’s reputation or who they know, that brings me here over and over.

    • JoeCardillo Agreed!

    • So well said my friend. Level Four thinking right there.

      • RebeccaTodd I knew I could bait you into mentioning levels 😉

        • JoeCardillo Le sigh. Have I become so predictable? Already?

    • JoeCardillo Love, love, love this! 🙂

    • JoeCardillo The rising tide is good but I see a tsunami of talent. Of course a tsunami might not be such a good thing because it would destroy many and cause all sorts of chaos.
      Kind of of similar to what might happen if you dropped a spider in belllindsay pants or shirt. 😉
      Should that ever happen I would hope it would be videotaped because a moment like that must be preserved for posterity.

  • Love the way you did this Chuck. I know most of them through ginidietrich too – all great people on this list 🙂

    • yvettepistorio ginidietrich The only problem with writing a post like this is narrowing it down to a manageable size — sincerely, too many good folks, not enough space to mention even a reasonable fraction

  • Keeping with the fruit theme, I’m slightly bruised I didn’t make the list today. *sniff* It’s because I’m Canadian, isn’t it…hey….wait a second!!!!

    • I’m representing the Canucks, hoser.

    • belllindsay Canadian Mist.

      • belllindsay Sorry…for some reason I immediately did a free word association there…

    • HeidiMassey

      belllindsay Yes, it is. But I think everyone was hoping you wouldn’t figure it out. However, when they do the special Canuckistan list, you will be there, right at the top, eh?

  • Since I’ve only been around the past several months, this was a great post to be introduced to others. Nice job, Chuck. 
    If there is ever a Limber category, please consider me…

  • AnneReuss

    That’s right, funny like a madam. I’m flabbergasted though. Thanks creativeoncall!
    Here’s one tip to tickle your way into ginidietrich’s heart. 
    Rage comics! Blast her with ’em!

  • Chuck you so live up to your name…creativeoncall! I, too would have loved a song and think you need to write a SpinSucks Theme Song to debut at the IRL gathering! 🙂  Congrats to all the wonderful “crazies” mentioned here today & Happy #FollowFriday! 🙂

    • lizreusswig creativeoncall SpinCon is coming.

    • lizreusswig creativeoncall Hey, I’m waiting for people to post cover videos of the last one… <iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href=”″>Oh Gini D</a> from <a href=”″>Creative on Call, Inc.</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

      • creativeoncall Just watched it again…always makes me smile (and not just because I’m included!)  🙂

      • creativeoncall lizreusswig Oh yay, a challenge!

        • biggreenpen creativeoncall lizreusswig I know it’s so well done Chuck! I can’t wait to hear your Crazies Overture.

  • Got a kick out of a few of these, Chuck. Heck, Dallas can derail my quick Facebook scans with something totally out of the blue that brings me to a screeching halt.