Today’s guest post is by Bryce Christianson.

Reddit is like a jungle in the tropics.

When you take your first step into the canopy, you are quickly overwhelmed by what to do there.

There are lots of paths to take, you see hints of things that interest you, and you want to explore more, but you have no guide.

Maybe you’ve heard Reddit is just full of argumentative angst ridden youth and that it will be a waste of your time…so you’ve just avoided it all together.

Or maybe you’re curious what you can find there, but just don’t know how to go about it.

Well today I’ll be your guide through the more positive side of Reddit and, in particular, your career.

Reddit 101

As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  So instead of just giving you a couple of links to some great Reddit finds, I’ll quickly show you how to find your own as well.

To start, it helps to know a few things about how the navigation and search work.

First, Reddit organizes their content by subreddits, which you can think of as themes, topics, or categories. To get to a subreddit you typically add /r/topic to the end of the url.

So for example, if you are a gardener and were interested in what Reddit is posting about gardening, you would visit the gardening subreddit by going to

Secondly, if you can’t find a subreddit for your interest you can always search for that topic or interest inside of Reddit itself. This is sometimes hit or miss because the subreddits can have unique names the community has created.

For example, /r/decidingtobebetter is a popular self-improvement subreddit, but it might not show up if you search for “self-improvement.”

Which leads to the third way of finding useful subreddits…the helpful links section.

Often when you come to a subreddit, they’ll link to other related subreddits. You’ll find this on the right of many subreddits, titled something such as “helpful links.” Often going to one of these will lead to discovering many more.

And that’s all you need to know to get started finding useful content on Reddit. Now for the seven career subreddits I promised.

Seven Helpful Career Subreddits

1.  /r/99uVideos

99uVideos is a place where you can find inspirational and fascinating videos coming from universities and conferences similar to TED.

Here are a few videos I found intriguing.

James Victore: Your Work is a Gift

Aaron Dignan: How to Use Games to Excel at Life and Work

2.  /r/getemployed

Getemployed is a really interesting subreddit. Here is a place you can go to get advice for your career, tips for getting hired, or get your resume critiqued.

3. /r/getmotivated

Getmotivated delivers motivation through pictures, videos, text, music, and personal stories submitted by the community. They have a great community to keep you on your goals and your toes.

4. /r/jobs

Jobs is centered around how to get work, how to leave it, interviews, recruitment, and resumes. It’s an informative collection of articles, videos, and pictures that will help further your career.

What sort of questions should I be asking at the end of an interview when the interviewer asks me if I have any questions?

The Inane and Insane Interview Questions – and How to Answer Them

5. /r/mentors

Mentors is one of the few places online where it’s easy and simple to get connected to a mentor in the industry you are seeking. You can post that you are seeking a mentor, offer a mentorship, or trade a mentorship opportunity.

6. /r/productivity

Productivity is simply just that: Tips and tricks for being more productive. There are always new and trending ideas to get you moving.

Productivity Methods of the Romans, Vikings, and Mongols

Lessons Learned From a Failed Week

7. /r/universityofreddit

University of Reddit is fascinating.  You’re probably familiar with Khan Academy and other elearning sites such as uDemy.  University of Reddit is their equivalent.

They offer classes on a diversity of topics ranging from Yoga to Web App Programming.  All for free.

You can find their class offerings here.

These are just a few of the many subreddits out there for your career and inspiration. Do you have any you recommend? Or even better, is there a new subreddit that should be created?

Bryce Christiansen is a marketer/blogger at Careertopia. There he works with fellow careerists to help them find, excel, and enjoy careers without changing who they are. If you’re interested, they offer a free 12-part ecourse, “How to Find the Perfect Career Fit for Your Personality.”