Gin and TopicsOnly 13 more Fridays until Christmas!

It’s kind of crazy to think of it that way—only 13 more weeks. Especially right now because it’s 90 degrees outside.

But it’s true…only 13 more Fridays.

Which means it’s more like 11 weeks left in your year. Egads!

We still have a lot left to do—and we’re also bringing back the 30-day Communications Challenge.

The weeks need to stop flying by.

With that little pep talk that probably freaked everyone out, including myself, I shall leave you with Gin and Topics.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

This week’s videos are courtesy of Paige Worthy, Paula Kiger, Susan Cellura, MATTIE DIETRICH, and yours truly.

5. Anti-Aging Secret. It’s not too long ago that we learned of the face slimmer, but apparently you don’t need a gadget to look younger. All you have to do is follow this woman’s advice. I feel like you knock even more years off if you record yourself doing it and send it to me. #justsayin

4. Winter Soldier Street Fight. This is not what I expected—and it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. First, the woman who edited this is incredibly talented. And second, well, you’ll see. Chills and all of that.

3. Baby Shark Challenge. Alright, I am going to admit right here and now that I thikn the Baby Shark challenge/dance is dumb. D-U-M-B. My little one loved that song when she was two and sang it all the time. I thought we finally outgrew it and now the dumb song is EVERYWHERE on the internet. Now that I have that off my chest, this class of special needs students is worth sharing. Because they’re stinking adorable and worth sharing.

2. Baby’s First Word. We were just talking about my small one’s first word was da-da and then Jack. We didn’t get mama for a loooooong time. Totally unfair. But at least it came before what was this baby’s first word.

1. Viral McDonald’s Prank. This is a freaking riot! I saw the tweet from the guy that hung up the poster in McDonald’s, but Ellen gets the full story. It hung up for nearly two months before anyone noticed it—and really only noticed it because the guys tweeted about it, and it went viral. The story is great, but the ending of this video is incredible. So stay on until the very end!

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