Gin and TopicsIt’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

It certainly does seem that way—the end of net neutrality, the end of the year, the last speaking engagement of the year, the last Big Question of the year.

Lots of ends and lasts, but only one more Friday until Christmas!


It’s Star Wars day!

Which is why I feel fine.


But even more importantly, today is the birthday of one Mattie Dietrich.

Sometimes you get to choose your family, sometimes you’re “stuck” with them, and, other times, you marry into them.

I am very, very lucky that when I married Kelly, I also got Mattie.

She’s my soul sister, my confidant, the yin to my yang.

(Despite her love of horrible Laffy Taffy jokes.)

She also contributes to Gin and Topics quite often so please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday!

And now I give you this week’s Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Mitch RezmanKelly Dietrich, Kate Nolan, Yvonne Yeung, and yours truly.

5. Honest FCC Ad. Speaking of the end of net neutrality, this ad walks you through exactly what to expect. Ladies and gents, here is what the new internet looks like. (It’s not safe for works or kids because of language.)

4. Brotherly Love. A little girl is wrestling in a match at school and her little brother has had enough.

3. The Supporting Act. Parenting is one of the hardest things you do. And, in today’s digital, 24/7 world, it’s increasingly difficult to be present with your kids. If this video doesn’t help you realize what’s important—especially at this holiday season, well…it will and it may even make you cry a little.

2. The YouTube 2017 Rewind. Man, I don’t know what it says about me that I only got about half of these references (I’m old?), but it’s still great. This is the year in review from YouTube. In other news, I hate slime and wish it had no place in this world.

1. Ava Nails Her Backbend. My niece Ava is the nicest little girl on the planet. She’s kind, she’s sensitive, she has a ton of empathy, and she has the best sense of humor. She also has no qualms sharing when things go wrong. For instance, when she finally nails a backbend after trying and trying and trying. This is the funniest video ever. I’ve watched it at least 35 times. And it makes me love her more. You’ll see.

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