Gin and TopicsBy Gini Dietrich

So I have a funny story.

On my birthday on Wednesday, I snuck away at lunchtime to take a SoulCycle class (because I really know how to party!).

At the end of the class, when the lights were still off and we hadn’t yet begun to cool off, the manager came in with a cupcake…and a camera.

Let’s just say I might suggest they take the photos before class from now on. But now I am on the photo wall at the studio by my house in all my sweaty glory!

Happy Birthday to me! But, boy, did I earn that cupcake. Mmmmmm.

My crazy team also created a video, which, well, let’s just say they’re nuts.

And now I shall pass the birthday baton on to Martin Waxman. Happy Birthday, buddy!

For your Valentine’s Day weekend, I give you Gin and Topics for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kara Vanskike, Mattie Dietrich, Mr. D., and yours truly.

5. What Room Does Fear Have? This is the dance team from Kara’s local high school and it’s pretty incredible. Not only is it a great message for teens (and for adults), but what happens around the 1:25 mark is super cool.

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4. Dogs Versus Stairs. I’ve watched this at least five times and it doesn’t get any less funny. I love the dog who thinks the stairs are a big slide. I kind of want to do that!

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3. The Best Movie Comebacks of All Time. Let’s get something straight: If you have Tony Stark in a video, I’m going to include it in Gin and Topics. That’s just all there is to it. Oh, and the rest of the comebacks are great, too. (There is some language in this so use caution when watching.)

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2. Star Wars Bad Lip Reading. This isn’t nearly as funny as the NFL ones (mostly because you can’t see half of their lips moving), but it’s a close second.

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1. Katie Holmes Performs Beyonce. Oh my gosh. If you do not love Katie Holmes more after this, there is something wrong with you. She is seriously the cutest thing alive (and I need that dress).

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Gini Dietrich

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