Gin and TopicsIt’s Gin and Topics time! It’s Gin and Topics time!

I’ve been using this space to countdown to Christmas for so long, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do between now and September.

Count down to my birthday, I guess?

(Four more Fridays + two days!)

I could write a jingle like Greg did last week when he covered Gin and Topics for me.

But I feel like the jingle only works when you have glitter in spots you didn’t know could accumulate glitter (see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).


I’ll just turn this week’s episode over to you.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Paula Kiger, MATTIE DIETRICH, Sara Hawthorne, Katie Robbert, and yours truly.

5. Uber Driver Trashes Chargers. This is just beautiful. Melvin Gordon, running back for the Chargers, was in an Uber when the driver began to trash the Chargers. And Gordon recorded it all. You’re welcome.

4. Carol Singer Loving Christmas Songs. I know the holidays are over with, but this one is too good to hold on to until next year. Hopefully you’ll forgive me because seeing this woman’s self-confidence is worth every, single word of Jingle Bells in January. Also, I’m not entirely sure how no one cracked up. I would have peed my pants…even it’d been the 100th time I’d seen her do this. This is why they don’t let me on stage. No self-control.

3. Walmart Groceries. I want to know how much Walmart had to pay for this ad. I mean, it’s fantastic, but holy smokes it had to have cost a fortune!

2. Dog Trained in Harry Potter Spells. I’m just plain old jealous that I never thought of this. Next dog we get is totally learning Harry Potter spells. Done and done.

1. Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Surprise People in 30 Rock Elevators. If this doesn’t make you smile from ear-to-ear, I’m doing something wrong. I love how people react, but I also can’t believe no one jumped off the elevator. What is wrong with these people??

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Have a great weekend!

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