gin and topics

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And I’ve had too much wiiiiiiiine!
Then it must be that time again —
Gin and Topics — so sublime!

(OK haters — let’s see how well you compose lyrics. After New Year’s Eve. In Las Vegas. Heck, I’ve got glitter in places I didn’t know glitter could get!)

Gin and Topics For Your New Year’s Resolve

This week’s videos are courtesy of Christopher PennSusan CelluraPaula Kiger, Katie Robbert and Kate Nolan.

5. Instant Pot Wine. That’s right, kids — one of the hottest cooking crazes of 2018 has met up with your incipient alcoholism and they’ve made a baby together. A beautiful, lushy little baby. The good news about this recipe? It by-God exists and isn’t all that hard; the bad news is that the wine is not ready after only a couple of hours. But that just means science has more to solve, right?

4. The Truth About Santa. OK, OK — Christmas-themed videos are getting a little long in the tooth. But this one’s a winner, with the iconic (and cranky!) Jack Nicholson working through the type of logic problem every parent has had lobbed at them by a kid at least once. Parenting pro tip: “Shaddup and go to bed!” is a viable strategy.

3. 22 Musicals In 12 Minutes. Toe tappin? Yeah we’re toe tappin’, baby! The real fun of this video isn’t just the talent on display — it’s the fact that you will be singing at least one of these tunes for the rest of the day after a single viewing.

2. If Chickens Could Talk. I’ve long believed that typical farm animals have rich — even philosophical — inner lives. You know how it is: You drive past a field and the cows all look thoughtful and peaceful, right? Well, meet the video that will disabuse you of any of those notions. Cluck!!!

1.Home Alone With Google Assistant. Combine an iconic holiday movie with creepy always-on technology and what do you get? Well, the folks over at Google want you to believe it’s all peace on earth and bad guys kept at bay. But the real answer? Robot overlords, people.

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