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Seven Free Instagram Apps to Create Rockstar-Quality Feed

By: Laura Petrolino | September 4, 2018 | 

Instagram AppsDo you want to be a rockstar?

Of course, you do!

And while you might never be able to be a real rockstar, you can totally pretend you are on Instagram, and that’s basically the same thing.

But really, if you do much work on Instagram you know having a few simple tools (i.e. Instagram apps) can not only make your life easier but make your feed and stories go from crappy lounge singer status to multi-platinum rockstar. 

Use these apps to implement the ideas laid out in these posts and you’ll be chart-topping:

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Square Edit for Musical Worthy Videos and Photo Editing

Do you ever have musical moments in life?

You know…those moments that you want to burst into dance and song because life is so good it feels like it’s right out of a fairytale musical storyline?

Just me?

Well, regardless…while Square Edit isn’t quite a fairy godmother or anywhere near as handsome as Prince Charming, if you work on Instagram with video, it will make you pretty happy.

Square Edit is a super user-friendly Instagram app that allows you to edit dimensions and details of both photos and videos.

There are a lot of apps out there to allow you to do this for photos, but not many which also provide the capability for video. Square Edit does both and it does so magnificently.

You can:

  • Crop videos and photos, or edit them to certain dimensions.
  • Add text, music, stickers, or frames to both photos and videos.
  • Blur backgrounds or create overlays.

Speed Pro is the Fastest Video App in All of Mobile

Andele, andele, arriba, arriba!

You have the perfect video but it’s just a touch past the 15 second Instagram Story or 60 second Instagram feed limit. Oh the HORROR! Whatever will you do?

Have no fear friends Speed Pro is here.

In all honesty, this app isn’t the best when it comes to apps overall.

It can be glitchy and the free version watermarks your video. But if you don’t need to speed up (or slow down) video often and aren’t too concerned with the small watermark, it does the job. And you barely notice the watermark. 

You will also find they add their logo to flash at the end of the video for about a second. I just edit that out after I’m dong using my iPhone’s video editing ability.

I’ll keep looking for other options, but thus far this is the best I’ve found. It allows you to speed videos up 2x or 4x (and slow them down by the same).

Repost Like a Bad Mama Jama

There are a lot of Instagram apps which allow you to repost other’s posts, but the creatively named “Repost” is my favorite.

It’s the least glitchy and easiest to use. You can repost both photos and videos.

You just copy the link of the post you want to repost and it will auto-populate when you open the app.

Badda Bing, Badda Boom.

Do the Funky Monkey with the BeFunky App

BeFunky is my all time favorite app. Not just my favorite out of Instagram apps. Favorite app.

I use it anytime I need to edit a photo or use an app for basic graphic design. It’s my go-to.

And not just because it’s named “BeFunky,” although I’d be lying if I didn’t say it helps.

(And I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I tried it in the first place).

They also have a desktop site, so you never have to be without your funky time.

I’ve never used Photoshop, but I think of it as Photoshop for people who don’t want to learn Photoshop.

You can:

  • Edit photos
  • Light and contrast correct
  • Add filters
  • Add text
  • Add stickers and images
  • Create collages
  • Do basic graphic design.

It’s not as robust as say Canva, when it comes to graphic design abilities, but offers more if you use photos in your designs.

Once you go funky you’ll never go back. Trust me.

Featured for Instagram Stories Collages and More

I found Featured when I was searching for a simple app to make video/photo collages for Instagram Stories. This seemed like a simple thing to do, but trust me when I tell you it is not.

I went through five apps that were either too glitchy to use, or actually only become functional if I paid before I found Ft.

It allows you to:

  • Upload and overlay a variety of photos and videos
  • Add text
  • Adjust background color
  • Choose from and use a variety of backgrounds from Unsplash
  • Make photo and video collages.

And it’s super user-friendly

Make Waves with Ripl

If you are looking for something that goes beyond photo collages and simple photo editing for Instagram Stories, Ripl app is it.

I think this is hands down the best app out there for IG stories. It has crazy functionality and even analytics. They offer a lot for free, but the paid version is only $9.99 month, which is worth it for what they offer. This is especially true if Stories is a big part of your overall social media strategy.

Flip Baby Flip with RFV App

RFV App is a simple app with a simple goal: flip or rotate videos. But it does it quickly and easily and so I use it often.

Your Favorite Instagram Apps

Now it’s your turn.

What are your favorite Instagram Apps?

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