gin and topicsYou there… Yeah, you, still sitting in a pile of empty Amazon boxes and wiping gravy off your mouth.

Don’t look now but: 2019 is almost here! And with it, all the determination that comes with kick-butt New Year’s resolutions!

Feel the empowerment! Let the sheer joy of adulting carry you away! Cry bitterly when you realize resolutions are dumb and adulting is hard and now you just want more wine and —


Maybe I’ll just wipe the gravy off my own mouth before I get carried away. Meanwhile, on to the Gin and Topics!

Gin and Topics For Your A-wassailing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kate NolanBetsy Decillis, Mitch Rezman and yours truly.

5. Dancing Dinosaurs. No, you didn’t know you needed to see scores of T-Rex costumes (and the somewhat hapless dancers therein) shuffling to a marching-band version of the Jurassic Park theme. But life is a journey of discovery, right? Favorite comment: “They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

4. Space Unicorn. Why, yes, I did submit this one myself — I, a full-grown man, sucked in by the K-pop beat and catchy lyrics about a (spoiler!) space unicorn. Smiles and hugs forever! All around the world! (To paraphrase the famous New Yorker cartoon: “On the internet, no one knows you have the tastes of a 10-year-old girl.”)

3. Baby Goats in Pajamas. I’m sorry, did I stutter? I said: BABY GOATS IN PAJAMAS! You people — with your ironic humor and arch ways. Are you not grinning like a happy idiot at the mere thought of BGIP? No? Hmph. Callous sophisticates, the lot of you!

2. The Lion King on Zero Budget. OK, so I’m stretching this week’s animal theme to the breaking point with this one — it’s still funny. Mustafa, clearly channeling one of my clients: “Look Simba. Everything the light touches is out of budget…”

1. Brian Cranston on the Power of Emotion. The iconic Breaking Bad Actor opens up about his Broadway role in Network and how he taps into emotion to improve his work. Good stuff, even if (and careful readers will have made note of this by now) it completely breaks the cool animal-centric theme I had going. C’est la vie…

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