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Join Danny Brown for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

By: Gini Dietrich | June 19, 2013 | 

Join Danny Brown for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

I have been looking forward to today’s Livefyre Q&A with Danny Brown all year.

When I learned he and Sam Fiorella were writing Influence Marketing, I got him on the calendar as quickly as I could because, even though I hadn’t yet read the book, I knew it was going to be a good one.

Danny is a staple in the marketing world. He was one of the first friends I made through social media and he remains a close friend today (unless you take that last photo in the series literally).

I knew him way back when he ran Bonsai Interactive Marketing and then later joined Jugnoo and today he is working with a crack jack team to build ArcCompany.

He’s one of the smartest writers on the web, he has a brain that continually questions, he isn’t afraid to offer a differing opinion, and he is as loyal as they come.

I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with him, traveling with him, and conspiring with him.

With the publication of Influence Marketing, he and Sam offer another look at the world of automated clout tools. They provide refreshing thinking on how you can reach the right influencers for your organization without relying on scores and hoards of followers.

Today’s Livefyre Q&A

At noon ET (that’s 11:00 CT, 10:00 MT, and 9:00 PT for those of you who can’t do time zones), Danny is going to be hanging out in the comments so you can ask him anything and everything about the book, his feeling on the automated tools (such as Klout or PeerIndex), how he recommends you find the right influencers, what tools are available that truly work, or even about his wife, who is a kick butt author in her own right.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have a Livefyre account or be ready to sign in with one of your social networks.
  • Set a reminder for noon ET today.
  • Order the book so you can help Danny and Sam out, but also get your learn on.
  • Create a list of questions.
  • Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” Danny will see it and reply to you. You can even join the conversation around questions others are asking, if you like.

We’ll be here for an hour so you can join us the entire time or step in and out during the hour. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you’re here before 12:59.

Win a Copy

Those of you who participate in today’s Livefyre Q&A (even if you’re late to the party, but not if you’re an Arment Dietrich employee) will be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of the book.

We bought two copies and will give them away, but you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise we won’t know you were here.

Get ready with your questions and join the conversation. And don’t fear! If you missed the live portion of this, we’ll keep the drawing open until midnight PT so you still have time to get in your questions.

Former Guests and Who’s Next

For former guests, check out Margie ClaymanSarah RobinsonMark StoryBeth HaydenSarah EvansStanford SmithChris BroganC.C. Chapman, and Mitch Joel.

And following is the lineup through the end of the year so mark your calendars!

Same bat time, same bat channel.

  • July 24 – Chuck Hemann
  • August 21 – Jay Baer
  • September 18 – DJ Waldow
  • October 23 – Tom Martin
  • November 13 – Me! (to talk about Spin Sucks, the book, and give away a few copies!)
  • December 18 – TBD

See you today at noon!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • I have my heckling popcorn ready.

  • Danny can’t talk about Klout without talking about Sheep can he?

    • LSSocialEngage They’re interconnected forever now. 🙂

    • LSSocialEngage He can’t talk about ANYTHING without talking about sheep.

      • ginidietrich LSSocialEngage I talked about popcorn and didn’t mention sheep. Well, until now.

        • Danny Brown ginidietrich I bet it was a  very conscious effort “I will talk about popcorn so that I am not mentioning sheep” . Looking forward to tuning in at noon (hopefully)

        • LSSocialEngage Danny Brown ginidietrich leave the sheep nation out of this please

  • Also, gain valuable insights from Danny Brown via script – so you can finally understand what he’s frigging saying! LOL Darn Scottish brogue! Can’t wait for this one!!

  • I have already fielded 39 questions submitted to me from the Twitter. Curiously 16 of them are:

    ‘Doesn’t Danny Brown agree that Klout is the only Social Influence platform that works?’

    Another 16:
    ‘Why does Danny Brown get all his news from Mashable? Is it really the best out there?’

  • BTW Thank you Danny Brown for taking up my offer to come to my blog today and answer questions with my community.

  • sherrickmark

    Please, someone ask Danny about Klout. Please… 🙂

    • sherrickmark Just for you, mate. 🙂

    • sherrickmark So, Danny Brown – what are your thoughts on Klout? (hehe)

    • sherrickmark Are you getting any sleep right now? How’s home life??

      • sherrickmark

        ginidietrich sherrickmark Home life is fantastic, I’m loving it. Don’t wanna go back to work, lol. Getting some sleep, yes. We’re settling in. 🙂

        • sherrickmark That’s so exciting! I’m very happy for you.

        • sherrickmark

          ginidietrich sherrickmark aww, thanks. 🙂 I am blessed for sure.

  • Wait, you missed GMT.

    • Danny Brown OFGS

      • ginidietrich That’s a timezone?

        • Danny Brown I’m going to make a video of me shaking my fist at you and I will just send you the link every time you make me do it (which is lots).

        • ginidietrich I’ll just make a video of Ewan blowing you a kiss, that trumps your shaky fist!

        • Danny Brown You win. That totally trumps it.

  • I don’t think I can make it this afternoon but I’m curious to hear Danny’s thoughts on Triberr. I feel like it was a decent idea but that Twitter is so oversaturated with people abusing it now, that it has lost it’s original purpose. Unless, of course, the original purpose was to flood my timeline with endless “via” tweets. Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

    • Chris_Read Cheers, Chris, and I have some thoughts on Triberr to share. Will pop back soon on that one!

    • Chris_Read So I was going to leave some thoughts, then I recalled this exchange in the comments of Branding Magazine, that covers them really well.
      I think Triberr is morphing from what it started as, to something that becomes just another generic influencer tool. I hope I’m wrong, and Dino always puts across a good counter argument. We’ll see. 🙂

  • susancellura

    Looking forward to it!

  • Ooh – I’m prepared to heckle.

    • jasonkonopinski Go sh*t a porcupine.

      • Danny Brown jasonkonopinski I like how Danny stays within our guidelines of no swearing, but still manages to get his point across.

  • Alright boys and girls! Are you ready? Danny Brown, are you ready?

  • Randomly inserted comment, I just ate a dried banana and it tasted salty. What the deuce?

    • Danny Brown Dried bananas usually do taste salty. Unless it was one you dried on your countertop because you forgot about it.

  • Neicolec

    Well, I’m still sipping my morning coffee over here in Seattle, as the kids are finally out of school and I can sleep in. Enjoying the pre-show comments with my coffee.

    • Neicolec Are the kids still sleeping?

      • Neicolec

        ginidietrich Neicolec Yup!

  • I’m worried about there being really long questions and my fingers not being able to articulate the crud that my brain is thinking about. 🙂

  • I shall start: You recommend Tellagence as THE future of influence marketing. Why is that?

    • ginidietrich Well, Tellagence is one of about 6-8 platforms reco’d in the book. It’s because they look at true influence – context, relevance, how influence ebbs and flows across communities. It’s always shifting, Tellagence identifies that and advises of shifting trends and “next” influencers.

      • Danny Brown And, let’s be real, because Matt rocks.

        • ginidietrich Don’t forget Nitin and the rest of the team!

  • I’m only here to raise my Klout score.

    • Steve Birkett Why they heck do you think I do these?

      • I’d assumed it was for the wry Scottish wit… then I read the dried banana comment… now I don’t know what to believe.

        • Steve Birkett I think you should go with your gut…especially as it relates to the bananas.

        • ginidietrich Steve Birkett I had a banana for breakfast.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich If nothing else, this will be extremely influential on my lunch decision.

        • Steve Birkett belllindsay ginidietrich Stay away from dried fruit, it’s salty.

    • Steve Birkett You’re doomed.

  • Ok, here goes *stirs pot* – what the heck’s so wrong with being an influencer, anyhow? I mean, we are ALL influenced by people, in all facets of our lives, yes?

    • belllindsay Agreed, and nothing wrong with being an “influencer”. The issue arises with ego-centric influence as per today’s social scoring influence, versus real influence that drives actions, leads, purchases, donations, etc.

      • Danny Brown But isn’t ‘influence’ inherently about the ego?

        • susancellura

          belllindsay Danny Brown Is it? I ask because if I’m influenced by my passion for my alma mater, is that my ego or theirs?

        • susancellura Danny Brown I would say theirs – their ‘ego’ necessitates that they keep their alums feeling that passion….otherwise they die (metaphorically speaking – $$ dries up, whatever)

        • susancellura belllindsay Public scores as influence are all about ego – your score only rises if you connect your networks. Why would you want to do that unless all you want is a high score and free stuff?

  • susancellura

    Hi Danny Brown! It’s a pleasure to meet you online. Q: Do you think we overreact to “we have to find the right influencer”? I mean, do the basic fundamentals still work/mean anything anymore? That is, do your research, work hard to craft the message, etc.?

    • susancellura Hi Susan! Great question, and agree with you. Public scores have made us lazy, and looking to find influencers fast and easy. But the real influencers – those that truly impact our customers at certain decision points – take much more legwork. It’s old school marketing mixed with new tech. 🙂

  • What should people be thinking about as they embark on an influence marketing program?

    • ginidietrich Goals and measurement.What are you trying to achieve – awareness, buzz, sales, etc?Who will drive these actions?How will you adapt disrupted messages?What will success look like – does it raise your brand, impact your competitor,etc.
      These are basics all programs should be aware of.

      • Danny Brown And, to your second point, how do we best determine the who?

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown When you say “adapt disrupted messages” … what’s a quick example of that?

        • dwaynealicie ginidietrich You’re running a campaign for Samsung. It’s going great. Suddenly Apple slap you with a $1 billion lawsuit and sales stall. Who are the secondary and tertiary influencers that are skilled at crisis comms and groupthink that can counter back? That’s the adapt part.

        • Danny Brown dwaynealicie ginidietrich Got it! Thank you.

        • ginidietrich Text analytics and linguistic mapping. Gather keywords, weight their importance, identify who’s connected to them.
          Now you can see what their pain points are, and where in the purchase life cycle they are – research, awareness, intent, buy. Also, their persona will dicate a lot – demographic, sex, locale, brand affiliation, history, etc.
          Knowing that information allows us to identify who will sway their decision to move along the next stage of that purchase life cycle.
          Know the customer and their need, you’ll know the influencer and your job in that respect.

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich What measurement tools do you recommend to measure what this success looks like?

        • LSSocialEngage ginidietrich Pulse Analytics is awesome, SqeezeCMM, Measurely are also excellent.

        • Danny Brown LSSocialEngage ginidietrich Thank you. I will certainly look into those.

  • sherrickmark

    In regards to finding influencers, one of the  best resources I have found are the people who I already connect with. This tends to extend your network out quite widely, which is awesome, but I am working on a project which due to scope really requires a much more geographically shallow network, and I am struggling with that. Any thoughts, sir?

    • sherrickmark Great question. Who – or what – do you trust?

      • sherrickmark

        belllindsay sherrickmark locally that’s hard to answer. Obviously with the way networking goes these days, a national network is much easier to entangle oneself in. But with the new project I have, it is definitely worth the local effort for sure

    • sherrickmark Read our book. 😉
      But, yes, with our methodology, we put your target – customer, client, donor, etc – at the heart of all your efforts. This allows you to laser in to their needs, the small communities they live, and provide right person and message to sway decisions.

      • Danny Brown You wrote a book..?? sherrickmark

        • belllindsay Danny Brown sherrickmark Let’s be real…samfiorella wrote it.

      • sherrickmark

        Danny Brown sherrickmark Thanks. 🙂 I do need a little bit more target reasearch on this project. I’m actually surprised I don’t have your book already, to be honest.

        • sherrickmark Fix it!!! 😉

        • sherrickmark Maybe you’ll win a copy!

        • sherrickmark

          ginidietrich sherrickmark Danny Brown I know, I know, I will. Even if I win, I may still buy a copy as penance, winning regardless

  • Are influence measurement tools able to take us any further than the discovery and introduction stage of connecting with influencers? Where do you think they fit, if at all, at the relationship building stage?

    • Neicolec

      Steve Birkett And related to that, how do you measure whether your influence efforts are really paying off?

    • Steve Birkett Definitely. The influence program should be all about building loyalty and advocacy, and moving away from short term campaigns. So the tech that can identify these opps are key.
      Tools like Appinions, Traackr, etc, identify offline data as well as who influences the influencers. That’s powerful in determining what state of mind and emotion they’re in and what impacts decisions. Drop this info into a Social CRM like a Nimble, and you’re on the track to the info you’re referring to.

  • What is the 90-9-1 rule?

    • ginidietrich 90% never do anything; 9% interact; 1% take action. (I’m paraphrasing). You need to know who the 1% are.

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich And how do you determine the 1% – also, shouldn’t you be actively going after the rest…?

        • belllindsay Danny Brown We see this – about 9% of our readers interact here. It’s difficult to know how the 90% who never do anything.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich Well, if you read a certain book, it shows you exactly how to find these micro influencers that make up that little but effective percentage. 😉

      • maryhruth

        Danny Brown ginidietrich Is that a fact? It refers to internet interactions?

        • maryhruth ginidietrich Primarily. However, even offline reactions to ads and marketing can be drilled down into various ratios, based on audience, etc.

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich How much effort should you put into chasing the 90%? And how do you respond to bosses who push to get them engaged?

        • susancellura

          bensonhendrix Danny Brown ginidietrich Educate them.

        • bensonhendrix Danny Brown ginidietrich It depends on goals. The 90% shouldn’t be ignored, but at the same time brands only have finite resources. Track their reactions to the main campaign, and add to your CRM for future engagement, outreach, etc.

      • Neicolec

        Danny Brown ginidietrich When you say 90% never do anything, I assume you mean in terms of online interaction. But actually, it’s often the 90% you’re trying to reach through the influencers. And that 90% are influenced and may make decisions based on the interactions they are observing.

        • Neicolec Danny Brown ginidietrich Good point. Lurkers can take silent action. Problem is, it’s harder to track as opposed to those you have in your sight. That’s why the ratio number remains so high.

  • What’s your all time favorite social media tool?

    • yvettepistorio Social media or influence?

      • Danny Brown yvettepistorio Social media – and my follow up question would be influence…

        • yvettepistorio Social – Twitter, for the spontaneity. Influence, I have many based on what info I need an when.
          Soft spot for Traackr, Tellagence, Appinions, InNetwork, SqueezeCMM, Nimble, TrendSpottr.

  • What is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to you on social media (or because of social media). I’m guessing it wasn’t the banana.

    • biggreenpen Oh, it was the banana.

    • biggreenpen 12for12k, where a bunch of nobodies (as far as influence goes) bandied together and raised over $100,000 for charity through social media alone. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to “top” that. 🙂

      • sherrickmark

        Danny Brown biggreenpen Were there ever any plans for a new version of that campaign? I was sad that due to financial reasons I was never able to donate, but I did my best to share and support, and a LOT of great work was done. It was really inspiring.

        • sherrickmark biggreenpen There’s always the chance we’ll resurrect in some form or another; it’s finding the right goal and making it work as well as the original concept. And your support was just as equally as important as the financial donations, mate – every single person made 12for12k what it was. 🙂

      • @Danny Brown sounds incredible — supporting great causes is one of my absolute favorite uses of social media; it’s incredible to see the power of the tweet to open up hearts and pocketbooks. Thanks!

  • A lot of the controversy surrounding influencer marketing and scoring has been the supposed democratization offered by publicly available tools like Klout, Kred, et al. 
    If influencer marketing campaigns are going to remain valuable to brands, what needs to be fixed first — the resistance to the ego-driven belief that everyone is, in fact, an influencer or the way we think influence flows?

    • jasonkonopinski SPEAK ENGLISH KONOPINSKI!!!

    • jasonkonopinski Forgetting influence as the driving force, and putting customers at the heart of the marketing circle and working back from there. It’s going back to David Ogilvy’s mantra of understanding the consumer – do that, you understand how to influence decisions.

      • Danny Brown jasonkonopinski Truth. We get far too caught up in the shiny new ideas and forget that there are classic, crucial concepts underpinning them. It still all starts from those you’re serving… what do they care about and how can you reach them with the answer?

        • Steve Birkett Danny Brown I’ll take a different approach: the rise of the citizen influencer has, in my mind, made some brands gun-shy about going whole hog into social.  
          They see the public outcry from bully bloggers and pundits about the latest kerfluffle or gaffe and an accompanying call for product boycotts, etc — and high-tail it out of here. 
          So if an influencer mounts a campaign against a brand for some perceived wrong, but sales don’t nose-dive, was there real influence?

        • jasonkonopinski Steve Birkett No, and AmyMccTobin talks about this at length in her Social Justice posts at the ArCIntel blog. Social outcries are still very small in nature – influence is only effective if it causes an action. Everything else is just noise.

        • Danny Brown jasonkonopinski Steve Birkett AmyMccTobin ArCIntel But the noise can affect opinion, which indirectly impacts by altering med-long term actions, no?

        • Steve Birkett Danny Brown jasonkonopinski AmyMccTobin ArCIntel Only if the noise is valid and heard. Otherwise it’s people with a vendetta that may not even exist. It all comes back to relevance and context.

  • Which is better: Someone with 100,000 followers or someone with 100 followers?

    • ginidietrich Depends on the ratio of actual engagement and action. InNetworkInc is great at filtering your keywords and seeing how much of your actual audience drives action around a topic, and gets rid of the fluff. THAT’s where you need to go.

      • susancellura

        Danny Brown ginidietrich InNetworkInc Wouldn’t it be about quality?

        • susancellura Danny Brown ginidietrich InNetworkInc That’s what I was going to say too – better to have 100 REAL action-driving followers than 100,000 followers who do nothing/never buy…yes?

        • susancellura Danny Brown It’s a hard battle to fight because clients want you focused on the numbers, no matter how much you educate them. A big whig with 100,000 followers feel better to them than someone with 100 followers…until you can prove the smaller “influencer” actually has more power because 95 of those people bought when they suggested to do so.

        • RegisDudley

          ginidietrich susancellura Danny Brown Awesome point, Gini!! Danny, and Gini What are some ways to assign a monetary value to influencer relations?

        • susancellura Danny Brown ginidietrich InNetworkInc Yep, and that’s why platforms like InNetwork and Traackr are awesome, as they are all about relevance, context, and true audience size. But a carefully cultivated audience of 100,000 can still be made up of a large percentage of quality.

        • ginidietrich susancellura Danny Brown That’s when it’s time to break out the percentages…

        • Danny Brown susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc I was excited to hit the 2000 mark. LOL

        • Neicolec

          Danny Brown susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc But is there still a gap as far as determining whether the influencer can actually get people to take action?

        • RegisDudley ginidietrich susancellura Monetary as in compensation, or return on campaign investment?

        • RegisDudley

          Danny BrownsusancelluraginidietrichInNetworkInc  ROI is difficult to calculate for relationship-building initiatives.
          Any suggestions on how to assign a monetary value to time spent cultivating relationships
          (online and offline)?

        • RegisDudley Danny Brown susancellura Which goes to one of the questions I was going to ask: How do you measure an influence marketing program?

        • Neicolec susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc No, because now we have the data that shows the connection and relevance. We have PURLs to assign and track. We have different messages for different influencers, and we know who’s driving the action and who’s just driving noise.

        • RegisDudley

          Danny Brown Neicolec susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc Sorry if it seems like I’m flogging a dead horse, but how do you know who’s driving action? Through Google Analtyics?

        • RegisDudley susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc Great question.Assign goalsAssign length of building goalsAssign relationship target (we want three leads from Person X and are willing to invest 6 months)Track amount of interactions needed to build relationshipTrack their interactions on behalf of youHow long did their time takeWhat was end goal
          Then, compare that to software, manpower, tools, giveaways, etc, needed to cultivate this.
          You’ll start to work out ROI of relationship to action.

        • RegisDudley

          Steve Birkett ginidietrich susancellura Danny Brown can you elaborate on what you mean by “break out the percentages?”

        • RegisDudley

          Danny Brown RegisDudley susancellura ginidietrich THIS IS AWESOME, DANNY! Thank you so much for this :).

        • RegisDudley Danny Brown Neicolec susancellura ginidietrich InNetworkInc Google Analytics is one way. Good influence platforms have tracking abilities and metrics built in to the report. Platforms like SqueezeCMM and Measurely have awesome tracking capabilities for seeing who’s driving what, on what platform, did it create a lead, etc.

    • sherrickmark

      ginidietrich Danny Brown Aren’t there benefits to both sides? A large semi invested network can do the same as a small fanatical one. In the long run, the disinterested can sink a program for sure, but with the larger network, replacement of the disinterested comes much easier.

      • sherrickmark ginidietrich One of the things I’ve regularly found is being accused of not taking large numbers seriously. To a degree, it’s true – the real actions come from those dyadic (one-to-one, audience of two) relationships that really get to the nitty gritty of influence.
        But there is value in a large “influence base” helping to amplify the original message and get the brand’s product out there to those small communities that drive the real action.
        So, don’t dismiss, but don’t expect huge results from that type of large-scale “targeting” either.

  • Danny Brown This from an article I read recently: “With the fall of traditional outbound marketing, influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to attract customers and clients.” Agree or disagree – and is traditional outbound marketing really dead/dying?

    • belllindsay Disagree – sounds like some crappy fluff piece to attract clicks. Influence marketing is but one facet – MARKETING is the HUB, everything else connects as and when needed.
      Some of the best influence campaigns have included online, offline, trad, etc – check out the case study that’s the first chapter of the book for perfect example.

      • Danny Brown “…sounds like some crappy fluff piece..” I didn’t say I *wrote* it…!!! 😉

      • Danny Brown belllindsay I agree…traditional marketing isn’t dying. We get so wrapped up in the new fangled things, we forget the simple things such as EVERYONE has email. Yet email marketing (really good email marketing) gets largely ignored.

        • Neicolec

          ginidietrich Danny Brown belllindsay And Search, which is still the primary way people find products and research them.

        • Neicolec ginidietrich Danny Brown belllindsay Well, I’d say that’s because some marketers suffer from the fatal flaw in thinking that they are their target audience.
          I might dislike (crappy) email marketing and pop-ups, but I’m doing clients a huge disservice if I allow my bias for a tool or tactic to dismiss them wholesale.

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown belllindsay Can’t tell stories if you don’t understand what your audiences lives are like.

        • JoeCardillo ginidietrich belllindsay I tried to understand what Miss Phillips, my hot high school English teacher’s, life was link when I was a teen. I fell out the tree and got arrested for being a peeping tom.

    • sherrickmark

      belllindsay Danny Brown Outbound is definitely not what it once was, but little is these days. Instead of being what you do, its part of what you do now. Not only in marketing and things like this, but in sales as well. LOng gone are the days of the guy sitting in his office making cold calls all day, he’s mixing that in with other stuff.

  • I was glad to see you gave InNetwork the thumbs up. I was just chosen for my first campaign with them, and as a blogger, it felt good to be targetted with a specific campaign that fit the scope of my writing. 95% of the time the pitches are mass produced and do not apply to me.
    My question, can you recommend a couple of other companies with a model similar to InNetwork’s? I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end for those mass produced, impersonal pitches. I’m sure it’s been covered already but I am a slow typer ;D Thanks!

    • Chris_Read I hope it’s the end of them, too!

      • Haha, my favourites are the ones that begin with, “As a Mom…”

        • Chris_Read LOL!!! Do you ever email those people back?

        • Funny story, if you have the time. I got mad about it once and wrote about my distaste for those pitches, and then someone commented that instead of getting mad, I should try to educate them. Ever since that day, I have always replied back politely, as my Canadian blood would dictate, and most don’t respond, I have converted about 20% of those emails into business. That woman was a genius, lol.

        • and *while* most don’t respond…

        • Chris_Read I did the same kind of rant here a few months ago (called I Hate PR People) and some of the commenters said the same thing. First, I write about it constantly on the blog so if these people weren’t so lazy, they’d actually find how to pitch appropriately all over the web. Secondly, I get about 30 of them a day. I don’t have time to respond to all of them…even if it’s just a copy and paste response. I think it’s nice to educate people, but at some point, it’s not your job to do so. It’s their responsibility to learn how to do their job most effectively.

        • I agree on your part. I blog about inspiring engaged fatherhood and teaching our children to be kind to the world and each other, so the rant didn’t fit the mold of my site. I do enjoy reading it on other sites though, lol, so keep up the great work!

        • Chris_Read I suppose I’m not being so kind to the world and each other by my rant, am I?

        • Holy crap, I hope that’s not how you took that because I was specifically talking about kids. I think you have a duty to post those rants because people come to your site for education on those topics. That’s why I’m here ;D

        • Chris_Read Oh no! I didn’t think you were saying that to me specifically. It just made me think it’s not a very good example for kids.

        • Phew, I was ready to hand in my buff and do the walk of shame out of here! And, don’t worry, kids aren’t reading any of this yet. Maybe if you threw up some Caillou videos or something…

        • Chris_Read LOL!! Speaking of, I have a very good friend who told his kids that Caillou was grounded and couldn’t come to the TV. I thought that was brilliant!

        • Chris_Read I thought your kids didn’t watch Caillou? 😉

        • ginidietrich Chris_Read Gini I think the majority could relate to that “rant”. I am glad it is out there.

        • LSSocialEngage Chris_Read Thanks. It kind of makes me crazy.

        • ginidietrich Chris_Read I like that. I am going to have to use this one on my kids.

        • LSSocialEngage ginidietrich Chris_Read I’ve done the blog rant and replied to people via email. I usually save the email approach for when I’m really annoyed but feel the person on the other end will appreciate my feedback. Sometimes they are beyond help.

        • @EdenSpodek Did you read all 267 of my blog posts? LOL.

        • Chris_Read  LOL! I wish I had a video to share from when DS1 learned we weren’t going to name his baby brother Barney.

        • Chris_Read ginidietrich I usually write back some flippant answer and advice on who to send to, who’s even less relevant. 🙂

        • Danny Brown Chris_Read ginidietrich You’re mean. 😉

        • EdenSpodek Haha, mine luckily never went through that phase. On the other hand, there was In The Night Garden…

        • Danny Brown ginidietrich I like your ways better. Maybe I’ll try that the next time I get a “Dear Mommy Blogger” pitch.

    • Chris_Read Excellent, great to hear! 🙂
      Traackr are awesome, as they go for Relevance, as well as who influencer the influencer. So you’re getting to the real nitty gritty of who the truly valuable influencer is for your brand, and vide versa.

      • Thanks! Checking it out now.

      • mainwilk

        Danny Brown Chris_Read Traackr Thanks for including Traackr here.

  • DallasK

    Danny, could you weigh in on the whole Captain Crunch debate that is going on now?  Is Capt’n Crunch an actual Captain?  If so, why does he not wear the proper Captain Insignia?  Thank you.

    • DallasK Sigh…

      • DallasK

        ginidietrich DallasK These are real issues, Gini.  (you should have got me that Pony)

        • DallasK I got you the pony! You sent it back because it wasn’t purple.

    • DallasK If he didn’t serve in the Navy, he’s not a real captain. It’s like saying you’re a social media scientist without any degree…

      • Danny Brown DallasK “In the Navy! Oh you can sail the seven seas! In the Navy…”

      • DallasK

        Danny Brown DallasK Well, he claims he has served in the Cereal Navy.  Although, the fact that he refers to himself as “Capt’n” makes me skeptical of his Naval acumen.

        • susancellura

          DallasK Danny Brown belllindsay I thought it was Cap’n”?  LOL!

        • susancellura DallasK Danny Brown It is. 😉

        • DallasK

          susancellura DallasK Danny Brown belllindsay Even worse!  He may be a fraud.

        • DallasK susancellura belllindsay I would also like to know in which prehistoric army Captain Caveman ever served in.

  • Aren’t we all influencers, in some regard?

    • ginidietrich Every single one of us. Every day.

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich I feel an inspirational Facebook poster coming on…

  • Hi! So, I saved the $47 and showed up before 8 p.m… all kidding aside and sorry if this has already been asked but do you ever think a service will be able to replace the human element of influencer relations? I’ve been posting some rants on Facebook lately and yesterday a friend who messaged me because he thought poor influencer relations was an issue that could be resolved by tools. My response was the problem wasn’t with the tools or lack there of but in the humans who use or don’t use them. Common sense is missing far too much of the time in influencer relations. It’s often traded in for “laziness” to quote Danny Brown. So Danny, what say you?

    • EdenSpodek LOL!!

    • EdenSpodek no. The human brain is far too complex, and it’s why scoring doesn’t come anywhere near measuring influence. It’s why I like Pierre-Loic from Traackr and his statement, “We can have the greatest technology, but we will always need the human touch to really understand people.”
      Pretty much spot on.

      • Danny Brown Traackr Amen! In that same thread the other day, a blogger kept referring to “that list… you know, the ones all the PR people use” (I may have paraphrased). Do you know where they’re all getting that list? I’m sure it’s not the one anyone commenting here uses. 😉

        • EdenSpodek Traackr I’m guessing it’s a Vocus or Cision list? That seems to get me a bunch of sent emails.

        • Danny Brown EdenSpodek Traackr I suspect that’s often the case but not sure. I’m guessing sometimes they’re lists made by other colleagues and stay in perpetual circulation.

  • Danny Brown  If you could pick your top 3 dream brands to work with – as an influencer, mind – who would they be and quickly why?

    • belllindsay Microsoft, to show them their new Bing addition isn’t needed. Nestle, to see what we could do to influence them to make more ethical decisions. The Scottish FA, to influence them to stop playing football.

  • DallasK

    Danny Brown Is that a REAL English accent, or do you just use it to pick up chicks?

    • DallasK Danny Brown ENGLISH….??? For shame, Dallas.

      • belllindsay DallasK Danny Brown I wondered who’d comment on that first. 🙂

    • DallasK Go sit in the stoopid corner.

    • DallasK Danny Brown I think it’s pronounce “Ca-nay-dee-an”. From the Clan Canada.

      • DallasK

        Steve Birkett DallasK Danny Brown This is painful.

      • Steve Birkett DallasK Danny Brown I think it’s pronounced Scottish. 🙂

        • AmyVernon DallasK Danny Brown If he doesn’t have his own tartan, I don’t believe he’s Scottish, sorry.

        • Steve Birkett AmyVernon DallasK

  • sherrickmark

    We are constantly talking about successes. What was are some of your favorite bombs or busts in the social media realm?

    • sherrickmark Success – anything that ties real ROI back to the campaign. 
      Bombs – the recent fast food debacles, the Motrin “scandal”, since that first showed the power of social as a feedback channel.

      • Danny Brown sherrickmark Favorite and/or most useful personal failure in your life?

        • sherrickmark

          JoeCardillo Danny Brown sherrickmark They’re all useful, as long as you learn from them. Mine would probably have been losing a sales job I had, because it gave me the time and ability to really dive into social media and creating a network that I still am growing to this day.

        • JoeCardillo Biggest failure – not being able to stand up for someone when I had the chance, due to needing to keep a job. I let money talk over morals – never again. sherrickmark

      • RegisDudley

        Danny Brown sherrickmark Danny, how would you track ROI to justify the purchase of Traackr and/or similar influencer marketing tools/platforms?

        • RegisDudley sherrickmark Well the easy part is the tech outlay. So, cost of license.
          Then you could follow something like this:Cost to implement/integrateCost to trainManpower needed to populateCost of campaign (resources, manpower, reports, extra server costs, physical swag/goods, etc)Compare to income and sales cycle – does a three month campaign mean a 12 month return or longer? Does sentiment growth lead to more inquiries, and leads?Profit margins of sals over cost of investment over manpower to continue to build, monitor, etc.
          You can see where the pattern starts to take shape, and how much you’d need to sell to first recoup costs, then make profit. 
          If that timescales fits in with your budget, good to go. 🙂

  • Coming in from the trenches… do you write every day?

    • ginidietrich No. I play with my kids every day – does that count? 🙂

      • Danny Brown Yes, because you create memes out of those poor children.

        • ginidietrich Just Salem. Although Ewan in a diaper and rain boots is calling out for a meme…

      • laniar

        Danny Brown ginidietrich Do you write every week day?

        • laniar Danny Brown ginidietrich No, just when I blog.

  • You don’t expect me to read all the previous comments to make sure my question hasn’t been answered already, do you?

    • AmyVernon We’ll make an exception for you, Amy.

  • You were once identified as an influencer in the field (pun entirely intended) of sheep, Danny Brown . Have these new fangled influence tools confirmed this and, if not, why have you so callously forsaken your crofting heritage?

    • Steve Birkett I forsook the tools that messed up true sheep experts and had me barred from the Highlands for two years. I kept my croft, though.

  • DallasK

    Danny Brown  The girls and I have been talking and we’re curious.   Boxers or briefs?

    • DallasK C-strings.

      • Danny Brown DallasK OMG. Those look so uncomfortable.

      • Danny Brown DallasK Brown note?

        • jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK Thought Kilt wearers go Rambo

        • hessiej jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK Commando. I’m pretty sure Rambo wore underwear.

        • AmyVernon hessiej jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK Right! Haha!

        • AmyVernon hessiej jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK RAMBO!!?? hahahahahaha

        • belllindsay AmyVernon hessiej jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK they rhyme don’t they???

        • belllindsay hessiej jasonkonopinski Danny Brown DallasK Though, who REALLY knows, other than Sly?

      • Danny Brown DallasK TMI

      • Danny Brown DallasK MY EYES!!!

        • belllindsay Danny Brown DallasK I’m trying to keep it focused, people!

        • DallasK

          ginidietrich belllindsay Danny Brown DallasK Listen, you’re the one who texted me and told me to ask!  Now you know! Geesh!  I’m so unappreciated!

  • Serious question: Who influences you, Danny? Both on a business level and a personal level.

    • AmyVernon Huzzah for Amy! 🙂
      Business: hessiejones AmyMccTobin, the PVSM’rs. 🙂
      Personal: My wife, my kids – everything I do in life is for them, so that’s the strongest endorsement of influence I need. 🙂

      • laniar

        Danny Brown AmyVernon have you modeled your writing after any particular writer or been inspired by them? And don’t say Shakespeare because I’ll hate you forever.

        • laniar AmyVernon Shakespeare was a big fat fraud! 🙂
          To be honest, I can’t think of anyone I’ve “attached” myself to. I kinda just write the way I talk (without the accent), so there’s no real, “Ooh, I’d love to sound like this person today”.
          I think once we look to emulate someone’s style, we lose who we are. And who wants to read a second-rate stranger?

        • Danny Brown laniar Now I want to challenge you to write a post with your accent and see if anyone can make heads or tails of it.

        • laniar

          Danny Brown laniar AmyVernon I have to agree that Shakespeare is a fraud, but I disagree with you that we don’t all naturally emulate – we’ve taught our daughter that if you want to write a book, you should have read at least a thousand in your life to get to that point. Help me find a middle ground here…

        • laniar AmyVernon For me, that’s the difference between emulate and understanding what you like. 
          “I like the way that person writes, I’d love to have that kind of humour/wit/charm/snippiness”, etc. So you may experiment with different emotions in your writing.
          Emulating is taking their style and making yours fit, which loses your reason to be read.

        • laniar

          @dannybrown YES! that is the middle ground i was looking for!

  • Talk to us about how to connect an influencer program with our CRM to best track throughout the entire company.

    • ginidietrich Alrighty!ID the influencers, drop into the CRM.Allow it to connect the dots of where they live online.Input your goals for each (filter into personas, if needed)Calendar when next opp is, set alerts for non-expected changesHave team/offer/outreach ready based on dataMonitor success, failure, secondary opps.Update, rinse, repeat.
      Basic overview,  your goals will determine what you need to be tracking, etc, but you get the gist.

      • Danny Brown LOVE!

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich weird this list was just published simultaneously on Brogan, Solis, and Armano’s blogs.

  • DallasK

    Danny Brown If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be and why?

    • DallasK A tomato. Just to mess with people on the whole “fruit or vegetable” question.

  • My question: what keeps you motivated? And really, how much sleep do you need to do all that you do?

    • hessiej Not failing. Knowing only half the work is done. And not letting you guys or my family down. 🙂

      • Danny Brown hessiej And the sleep part?

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown hessiej  About 4 hours.

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown hessiej Danny NEVER sleeps.

        • Danny Brown ginidietrich hessiej just like Oprah! And Martha Stewart 🙂

        • belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej I would die.

        • ginidietrich belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej I’ll add 5 hours to that

        • laniar

          ginidietrich belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej That’s really unhealthy Danny. You’re going to die.

        • laniar ginidietrich belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej I have a weird metabolism.

        • laniar belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej We have a contest internally for our health and sleep is part of it. It’s pretty interesting to see people’s sleep habits and it’s not a good interesting.

        • ginidietrich laniar belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej I sleep a lot.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich Danny Brown hessiej He’s like that girl from “The Ring”.. just with a little less hair.

        • belllindsay You actually don’t sleep as much as I would have thought. None of us do.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich laniar Danny Brown hessiej How much do you sleep if you’re up working at 5:30 missy?

        • bensonhendrix belllindsay ginidietrich Danny Brown hessiej BAHAHAHA!

        • laniar ginidietrich belllindsay Danny Brown hessiej Well, aren’t we ALL going to die?

        • EdenSpodek I thought I slept a lot more than I do. I average about seven hours a night.

        • ginidietrich EdenSpodek i came here a day late saw 362 comments not knowing 311 were about Danny Brown ‘s sleeping habits.

  • RegisDudley

    @ What are some measurement blogs/resources you’d recommend? Any books on tracking ROI for PR goals?

    • RegisDudley Check out KD Paine’s PR Measurement blog:
      And The Future Buzz, now that adamsinger is sharing a lot of Google Analytics insights 🙂

      • RegisDudley

        Danny Brown RegisDudley adamsinger LOVE them both. Thanks, Danny :).

    • RegisDudley you ask a lot of smart questions no wonder ginidietrich invited you.  plus you are extracting all of Danny Brown ‘s secrets.

  • DallasK

    Who would win in a bike race? Danny Brown , ginidietrich or Jason Konopinski ?

    • DallasK Danny Brown ginidietrich Jason Konopinski – bobledrew would.

    • DallasK Danny Brown Jason Konopinski Oh please.

      • DallasK

        ginidietrich DallasK Danny Brown Jason Konopinski I dunno Gini…Jason is getting a little crazy with his biking.  He’s coming for you.

        • DallasK He is, but I see his stats. I’m way faster (right now). Jason Konopinski

        • ginidietrich DallasK Jason Konopinski What about Doug Haslam?

        • AmyVernon ginidietrich DallasK Jason Konopinski wait is this race uphill or down??

    • DallasK ginidietrich Jason Konopinski My arthritic grandma.

  • RegisDudley

    Danny Brown What are your favourite marketing case studies?

    • RegisDudley ooh, got a bunch, will drop some links in soon 🙂

    • RegisDudley Here you go:
      Lebanon Ford:

      • Danny Brown RegisDudley I am going to check them out for quality Regis and will report back. Danny didn’t know this was a 2 day commitment.

        • Howie Goldfarb RegisDudley I was only paid for one.

  • Danny Brown  What is the number 1 worst thing you see brands doing when it comes to influencer strategy/marketing?

    • belllindsay Using social scoring and expecting results… 😉
      Seriously, doing lazy marketing. Taking a number, thinking that means something, and not doing the legwork to dig deeper into that and see where the real influence lies, who they connect with, who influences them, etc.
      Want results? do the damn work!

  • susancellura

    What advice would you give a small private company who is just beginning to utilize social media tools?

    • susancellura If budget is limited, as well as resources, think fo what you’re trying to achieve. Because of size, it may be that your influencers are immeditely in front of you – customers, employees, etc.
      Start small, stay focused, use inexpensive but excellent tools like Nimble, Hootsuite, even Twitter search, and ID people that way.
      think of influence as the natural extension of how your business became successful to start, and build from that founding.

  • Sam signed my book while he was in Chicago (and drew me a picture). When will you do the same?

    • ginidietrich send me your address. I never got invited to Chicago, so…

      • Danny Brown He told us not to invite you!

        • ginidietrich I can believe that.

        • Danny Brown You know we’d much rather have you than that grumpy old man.

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown wait so you are doing separate book tours Danny? You didn’t have to take a Bus barnstorming the country like Gini and Geoff did?

  • You (and the world) watched Commander Chris Hadfield just explode on SM while he was on the Space Station – turns out, however, his son did most of the posting and work (which I think is fine!). However – how could you gauge Hadfield’s influence – and how do you know who really is behind these accounts….?

    • belllindsay Track interest in the Canadian space program. Does that filter back to schools and colleges? Do side industries benefit? That’d be the starting point.

      • Danny Brown But it wasn’t “him” who did all the legwork – it was his son – how do you work around that?

        • belllindsay Does it matter? how many brands do their own social engagement? The key point is the goal, and having the best person/people to reach that.

        • susancellura

          Danny Brown belllindsay But what about people wanting it to be authentic…

        • Danny Brown belllindsay I think it does matter

        • Danny Brown I suppose – just thinking one would sign on Chris Hadfield ( just using him as an example here!) and then maybe find out he’s a dud….see what I mean?

        • belllindsay Danny Brown And wouldn’t you see a bit of blowback? Like the little dustup we saw this week when the Interwebz found out that George Takei didn’t come up with all that witty content on his own?

        • susancellura belllindsay There’s a difference between authentic and transparent. Is it the brand message? is it representative of the corporate culture? is it honest?
          These are the more important issues than having the CEO tweet, etc. There are always great people that are perfect for the role – as long as no-one is getting hurt and the brand has the best interests of customers at heart, I’d go for that every time.

        • bensonhendrix belllindsay Danny Brown Like we really believed Takei was responsible? We need to stop idealizing the rose tinted glasses view of social, and understand we can’t always have the perfect set-up.

        • Danny Brown bensonhendrix belllindsay Especially given that most of what Takei posted had already been all over sites like Reddit and elsewhere beforehand. That was particularly true early on; I’d see Takei posting things 3-4 days after I’d already seen it on Tumblr, Reddit and other social networks. After he started hiring people to write some original stuff, he got better. 
          And Takei has a great sense of humor. He hired people who fit his sense of humor. I was NOT at all surprised to hear he’d hired people.

        • susancellura Danny Brown belllindsay authenticity has nothing to do with who’s payroll you are on. But different for a Brand vs Person. It had better be the person. For Brands all that matters is the people on social become the brand. Learn product, markets, competitors, customers. Immerse yourself. Then you are no different than if you worked for the Brand minus some possible empowerment. But most Social Agencies I doubt achieve that.
          I bet plenty of people would want to read the content about the spacebeing even if they knew it was his son doing the creation and posting.

        • Danny Brown susancellura belllindsay yes and no Danny. I think if the Tweet says From the CEO it should be the CEO tweeting. Or say in the bio- ‘Not the Freaking CEO this is their underpaid minion tweeting on their behalf because you are not important enough for them to take 5 seconds of their lazy ass time to send you less than 140 characters worth of message. So they pay me to do it”

        • AmyVernon Danny Brown bensonhendrix belllindsay the question becomes ‘if you hire writers and tweeters and the content consumer/fan etc finds out will that damage your credibility with them’. I don’t think people would be crushed about George. But others possibly.

        • Howie Goldfarb susancellura belllindsay I think we’re talking about two different things here, Howie. I completely agree if a CEO is “on social”, they should be.
          Where I’m coming from is the CEO doesn’t need to be on social – he/she has more important things to do, which is when they get a solid team to handle that part for them.

    • belllindsay I’d like to hear this too especially now that we know George Takei isn’t ALL that and someone has been doing all his Facebook posting.

      • hessiej belllindsay I’m not sure it matters if the person can back up the hype. We know George Takei can back up the hype – he’s funny in real life. So he has people helping him. So what? I run a business full of really talented people, but sometimes I get the credit because my name is on the door. Why is that different?

        • ginidietrich hessiej I ‘liked’ that cause you said I was talented. *screen grab* 😉

        • belllindsay Well, everyone but you.

        • ginidietrich *smokes another cigarette*

        • belllindsay Grumble, grumble.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich It just bursts our bubble that’s all, and suddenly my rose-colour glasses are more suspect.

        • hessiej belllindsay ginidietrich You should wear contacts.

        • hessiej belllindsay I love that you wear rose-colored glasses. But it’s not scalable for one person to be doing all of that. Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel have writers. Why can’t Tekai do the same?

        • ginidietrich hessiej belllindsay I came  late to the party but I would say that lots of people have writers. I get help from my co-workers and friends at different times – sometimes a sentence just isn’t coming together right or someone comes up with a funnier word – they just don’t get paid 🙂

        • ginidietrich hessiej belllindsay I think George’s Facebook Page will now be viewed as a Brand Page vs a Person Page. And rightly so. But that is fine because George Takei is a Brand not a person. I mean do you really think he exists? He is like the Keebler Elves, Max Headroom, Silly Trix Rabbit, P-Diddy…….CGI Creations.

        • ginidietrich hessiej belllindsay everyone knows Leno and Kimmel don’t write their stuff. But this is no different than did Warren Buffet really tweet those two tweets he sent 2 months ago? Doubtful.

  • We have Danny for four more minutes. Get your last minute questions in!

    • ginidietrich I could boil an egg!

      • Danny Brown My favorite kind, too!

        • ginidietrich Danny Brown Did someone say lunch? Thanks Danny and Gini!

      • Danny Brown ginidietrich I’m not gonna lie – I read that FOUR times before I got the reference.

    • ginidietrich after those 4 mins he starts charging by the question?

  • That hour went by super fast! Danny, you rock! Thank you!!
    Everyone: I will randomly draw two names for books tomorrow. The rest of you need to go buy a copy!

    • RegisDudley

      ginidietrich Thanks for organizing, Gini!

      • RegisDudley Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with us!

  • Thanks muchly, everybody – even you, DallasK …

    • RegisDudley

      Danny Brown you’re awesome. Thanks for all your insight!!

      • RegisDudley great now Danny Brown will think he is awesome. His head is going to explode! 😉

    • Danny Brown DallasK Thanks Danny!!

    • Danny Brown DallasK Stop being so gosh darned smart, Danny, and congrats again on the book! 😀

    • Thank You!

    • Danny Brown Cheers!

    • sherrickmark

      Danny Brown Thank you for hanging out!!

  • susancellura

    Thanks for a fun, educational and lively discussion!

    • susancellura Thanks for always hanging out with us!

    • susancellura Thanks for being here, miss!

      • susancellura

        Danny Brown ginidietrich I thought you might like to know that I was just notified that my Klout score had gone up. LOL!!!

        • susancellura ginidietrich Clearly its to do with Gini’s black magic voodoo spells!

    • susancellura sadly I missed the chat but thank you for being nice to Danny Brown ginidietrich we know you would rather of been playing XBox and your time is valuable.

  • Late to the party, meetings and meetings -__- but I highly recommend Danny and Sam’s book. Very detailed with awesome diagrams.

    • nickcicero  Excellent. Have my copy. Looking forward to reading it this summer.

      • LSSocialEngage nickcicero Sitting in my Amazon cart and about to pull the trigger myself =)

        • JoeCardillo LSSocialEngage nickcicero do it!

        • JoeCardillo LSSocialEngage nickcicero DO IT!!!!!

        • Danny Brown JoeCardillo LSSocialEngage nickcicero Done.

    • nickcicero i heard the diagrams were created by John Madden.

  • I enjoyed following this, but didn’t feel smart enough to ask a question, let alone grasp many of the answers. And I’m never afraid to ask a stupid question … guess I better buy the book!

    • RobBiesenbach There are never any stupid questions. Except the ones ginidietrich asks.

      • Danny Brown RobBiesenbach Note to self: Never invite Danny back.

        • ginidietrich RobBiesenbach I’ll see you for the Christmas special!

  • AbbieF

    Busy morning so missed this chat.  Have my copy of the book already, just waiting for Danny to make a visit to Phoenix to sign it for me.

    • AbbieF That’s Phoenix as in the classic 80’s video game, right?

      • Danny Brown AbbieF Don’t read it til he signs it Abbie!

        • Howie Goldfarb AbbieF I think Abbie would rather I sign it in my own name… 😉

  • OK, special bonus giveaway question:
    What was my Klout score before I dropped out the system? (hint: it’s in the 
    Random draw of all correct answers: 1 person gets signed copy of Influence Marketing book5 get codes for digital download version. Closes 11.59pm EST tomorrow, June 20. 

    • sherrickmark

      Danny Brown 73

      • sherrickmark Chris_Read Alrighty, since only two people answered, you both get the print version 🙂
        Email me at danny (at) dannybrown (dot) me with your shipping addresses and I’ll mail them on out. Have a great weekend!

        • sherrickmark

          Danny Brown sherrickmark Chris_Read too bad only two of us tried, but I’m happy for the book! THank you! 🙂

        • Congrats to both of you. Yes I’m surprised only 2 entries. I already won my copy at the Social Capital Conference – yay! so opted out 🙂 congrats!

        • Danny Brown sherrickmark Chris_Read Woo hoo!

        • sherrickmark

          ginidietrich Danny Brown now to purchase the digital copy so the paper one can sit on the shelf until we are all looooong gone and my great great great great grandson can sell it to someone for a million dollars.
          Or, cause I’m rough as heck on my paper books, and don’t want to bust it up. 🙂

    • Danny Brown 73

    • Danny Brown Finally saw this, cracking me up!
      I like how you glance upwards each time you dig deep into your sheep expertise

  • Danny Brown Was at a conference yesterday when this happened, but looking forward to reading through the comments! 🙂

  • Phew! It took a long time to go through all the comments and add everyone to the random winner generator.
    The winners are… 
    aimeelwest and Neicolec!!

    Get me your addresses and we’ll get books sent to you!

    • ginidietrich aimeelwest Neicolec Fabulous! I just sent you my address. I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

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