Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Social Media MarketersIf you’ve used social media… correction…of course you’ve used social media.

So you know what a dynamic space it is.

Most people have trouble keeping track of all the activity on their personal profiles.

Imagine what it’s like for a social media manager!

Check notifications on Facebook, reply to @mentions on Twitter, participate in discussions on LinkedIn—the list is endless.

As far as social media managers are concerned, there’s no such thing as a slow day.

You always have a bunch of things on hand, and for every individual task you strike off your to-do list, there are at least two more things to do.

There’s no pause button on social media, but there are a bunch of tools that could make your life a whole lot easier.

Here’s a quick look at seven Chrome extensions you should install, if you haven’t already.


DrumUp helps you discover, schedule, and share awesome content on social media.

It’s available as both a web app and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

While the apps give you content recommendations for as many social accounts as you connect to it, the Chrome extension is extremely useful in finding content related to a page you’re currently browsing.

Clicking on the DrumUp extension icon will give you a dropdown menu with a list of recommended stories.

You can either schedule the post you’re currently reading, or schedule any of the other recommended posts from the dropdown list right from the extension.



As a social media manager you’ll often find yourself sharing screenshots.

While the traditional PrtSc-Save-to-Paint method works well enough, it still takes some amount of time and effort.

Nimbus lets you save easily with its neat Chrome extension.

Its image captures are high quality and it comes with a decent image editor that lets you draw, add shapes, blur, resize, and crop the image.

It has several options, including taking a screenshot of the entire screen, the visible part of the screen, or only the selected part of it.

You can also record screencasts with its video feature.

Your screenshots can be saved to your computer or Google Drive in PNG, BMP, and JPG formats.




If you are one of those people who always seems to have way too many tabs open on their browser, OneTab is just the tool for you.

The Chrome extension save all the links you have open in the form of a list, and lets you revisit the list at any point in time.

This allows you to open each of those tabs as when you need them, making it way more convenient to browse through all of them—not to mention, speed up your browser, as well.

The extension also comes with an option to share lists. This way, if your team is trying to gather any specific information, each person has access to all the resources that have been, or need to be, reviewed.



Content across social platforms are increasingly being shared in their visual forms, be it images, videos, or GIFs.

However, creating high quality visual content requires a significant amount of time, and the expertise of a trained (sometimes expensive) professional.

Giphy acts like a search engine for GIFs. It lets you find the most appropriate GIFs through simple keyword searches.

Giphy is home to thousands of entertaining GIFs that are sure to turn your posts from dry and boring to funny and eye-catching.

The extension also has a tab for the most trending GIFs, allowing you to find the most popular ones in real time.



Working with several social accounts comes with the additional load of having to memorize a gazillion user names and passwords.

And if security is one of your concerns, you’re probably not comfortable with the idea of having a single password for all accounts, or creating a Notepad file with all your log-in details listed on it.

Solving this very problem, LastPass lets you save all your account log in details in a one place.

You only have to remember one password to log in to LastPass, and that’s it.

Apart from your social account log-ins, the extension also lets you save other information, including your credit card details.

You can organize all the information you save to LastPass with labels and file names.

You also have the option of syncing all your data across multiple devices.




Worried about optimizing your social media posts?

Try RiteTag, a paid tool that support 14 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

If you’d like to first see what the tool can do for you, take their seven day free trial. At the end you will most likely be convinced to make a purchase.

Ritetag has a cool feature called Auto-Enhance that automatically optimizes your posts with a whole range of customization options.

Right from hashtag recommendations to emojis and memes, the tool makes sure each of your social media posts are crafted to perfection.

A feature called Coach is an in-tool tutorial that guides you on how you can better your post.


Check My Links

One of the objectives of any social media marketing campaign is to get your target audience to purchase your product or opt for your service.

Considering that such posts would most likely link back to your website, ensuring these links work are important.

And, because social media is usually a game of volume, manually checking the links on each of your posts is nearly impossible.

To help make this task less tedious, try Check My Links.

The Chrome extension helps ensure all the links on any webpage (including your social media pages) are working properly.

The tool also checks anchor tags, nofollow links, and trailing hashtags.

It is particularly useful if you need to check backlinks on multiple web pages.

check my links

Your Favorite Social Media Tools

A bunch of handy tools could make all the difference to your social media marketing efforts.

The ones listed above are few of my favorites.

Are there any others you’d recommend?

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