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How Our #FollowFriday Recommendations Work

By: Gini Dietrich | April 2, 2013 | 

How Our #FollowFriday Recommendations WorkAbout four years ago, I got fed up with the way #FollowFriday was done on Twitter and decided to highlight just one person each Friday.

If you spend time on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. The endless list of Twitter handles with no real reason to follow them, other than someone said so.

In the early days, I kept a spreadsheet of the people I recommended and would do it by city or passion or job or experience, just to differentiate the way I did it.

In this completely fake tweet, I recommended my team so you can see what I mean. Gross, right?

Origination of #FollowFriday

Over time, Fridays became extremely annoying. Not only was your stream full of recommendations for people you didn’t know, you had to respond to a gazillion tweets that included you.

Our #FollowFriday Recommendations

So our own recommendation engine was born. We began to highlight one person and spent 500 words or more describing why we think they rock and the many reasons we think you should follow them online.

Doing it that way allows us to dive deeper into a person’s experience, his or her hobbies, and what we really love about having them around the blog every day.

It also allows me to get to know someone who visits Spin Sucks regularly a little bit better.

You know, that thing called relationship building? As it turns out, it works.

But, as of late, something interesting has been happening.

People are asking me what it takes to get recommended.

How to Get Recommended

This reminds me of the time I asked my sister-in-law what she wanted for her birthday and she responded with, “I was taught never to ask for gifts.”

Fair enough (though I did ask her), but that’s kind of my feeling when people outright say, “When are you going to recommend me?”

If you don’t participate in the comments here, you won’t be recommended.

The point is to introduce community members to one another, not to recommend you because I like you or have fun with you on Facebook or Twitter.

We have a very active community here. People meet one another here, they become friends, they do business together, and they pimp one another’s content, activities, fundraisers, and more.

I love that.

I pay very close attention. If you’re new, we welcome you with open arms. As you comment more often, you’ll have conversations and debate with people every day. You’ll have people tell you how smart you are, you’ll get fired up, you’ll disagree on certain topics, and you’ll even change your mind about some of your preconceived notions.

This is our way to give back to you…to thank you for spending part of your day with us.

If you don’t do that, it doesn’t make sense to introduce you to the crazies community through our weekly recommendations.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • adammbsmith

    I was planning to keep guest blogging awesome articles until I felt I was worth of a mention.
    Then I’d ask very nicely… and pitch another awesome article at the same time
    How does that sound? 🙂

    • adammbsmith And commenting here is great, too!

      • adammbsmith

        ginidietrich Btw, do you have any recommendations on how to pitch a guest blog post to Danny Brown?

        • adammbsmith ginidietrich Promise him sheep.

        • adammbsmith

          jasonkonopinski adammbsmith ginidietrich Lol, I thought he was Scottish, not Welsh!

        • adammbsmith Yes! Hey, dannybrown ! Adam wants to write a guest post for you. Word.

        • ginidietrich adammbsmith Hey there Adam, hit me up at danny (at) dannybrown (dot) me. Just don’t say you came via Gini, they usually get filtered and deleted without opening… 😉

        • adammbsmith

          Danny Brown ginidietrich ha ha, will do. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Your take on #FF is well thought out and makes excellent sense. I don’t really participate much in #FF, but once in a while I get introduced to a whole new set of people on Twitter and I reciprocate. Generally speaking though, I don’t really participate.

    • glonigro I like doing it this way. It makes me happy to feature people who spend their days with us. What I don’t like are the demands to feature someone when they don’t even read the blog.

  • And….it works!

  • I love your #FF. I have gotten to know so many people through your community. Truly a blessing in so many ways. And the day I got my #FF was seriously the best day of 2012. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but it came close!

    • katskrieger LOL! Maybe in the top five?

      • ginidietrich katskrieger Top 5 for sure….along with Amadea walking, completing my first 5k, losing 40 lbs, and hmmm maybe it is Top 4. LOL

        • katskrieger LOL!!!! Did you really lose 40 pounds? I guess I didn’t realize it was that much. Wow.

        • ginidietrich katskrieger I love meeting people and having no idea about things like that. I looked at a pic of Kat yesterday, admired her always perfect red lips, thought of how she is such a good model of successful healthy woman. I just assume you’ve ALWAYS been so! Congrats!

        • RebeccaTodd ginidietrich katskrieger So cool…and this is what it’s all about!  Getting to know each other better!  Kat – Congrats on all your exciting 2012 events

  • I find your Follow Friday’s one of the best features of Spin Sucks. I gave up on the torrent of noise on #FF on Twitter a long time ago but always enjoy reading about your selection for the week. It offers me the value of human quality rather than simply a handle. And for me it works as I frequently follow but for those to ask for a recommendation would only burst my bubble of richness and sincerity.

    • annelizhannan I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but when someone asks, it makes me NOT want to feature them, even if they were on the list to begin with.

      • ginidietrich Anyone who actually reads or follows your posts and writings would be able to deduce that without much gray matter effort. I thus question the authenticity of those that ask you as being true fans or followers 😉

  • tnfletch

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying your topical and useful content. I love the #FollowFriday feature and find it so interesting to learn to from others and see what they are doing and creating in the world. I agree the #FF feature on Twitter is very vain and useless for those who are trying to connect with like-minded people who can inspire us. Thanks for sharing great content!

    • tnfletch Thanks, Tara! I’m glad you like it. I love writing it…it allows me to get to know people who comment here a little bit better.
      You’re in Appleton! Do you ever get down to Chicago?

      • tnfletch

        ginidietrich tnfletch Absolutely, I love Chicago! It’s such a fun city!

        • tnfletch Let me know next time you’re down this way!

  • giesencreative

    Asking for a recommendation seems similar to pitching stories without thinking what’s in it for the blogger or journalist. Not a great plan.

    • giesencreative Really great analogy! That said, if someone else nominates someone, I’ll take it under advisement. But to nominate yourself, especially if you don’t read the blog? No thanks.

      • giesencreative

        ginidietrich I think getting nominated by someone else who posts here would be building on the community aspect—even if you don’t get a #FollowFriday post, you’ve got to be doing something right!

  • I love your Follow Friday posts! In a lot of cases, I am already following the person, but inevitably I learn something new abou them from your post that I didnt learn from being part of your community! I love that its not a recommendation but a “hey, here is someone I find interesting or fun”.

    • sydcon_mktg Thanks, Jen! I really love doing the extra research to be able to write them.

  • Lara Wellman

    The comments in your posts are always so interactive, I love it! I will admit that I don’t comment much, a anywhere, but someone always replied when I comment here. It really does make me feel welcome and more inclined to comment again!
    I also hate #ff with a long list of names. At least explain who they are!

    • Lara Wellman It’s because the crazies are here. They like to reply to comments. Crazies.

  • mathewsn

    Although getting a FollowFriday from Gini means a lot more now than back in the old days when Spin Sucks was pretty new…I mean look at this FollowFriday from Sept 2009 when Gini gave me a shout out (@Kuru_Footwear) – Not even a single comment on the blog post.

    • mathewsn It’s definitely come a looooong way since then. It took a long time to figure out the right recipe to create community engagement. A long time.

  • People still do the list of handles? What’s wrong with them?
    I can’t remember the last time I was featured in ANY #FollowFriday. That’s probably a good thing for everyone.

    • JayDolan You know what I’m going to do? Bwahahahahaah! Scheduled.

  • I love FollowFriday posts too. And like katskrieger I’ve gotten to know a lot of people through this community.

    • yvettepistorio I have nothing smart to say to this. Darn! I’m losing steam!

  • Nothing guarantees an influx of new commenters like telling people to comment to be included in #FF 🙂 You know I”m just joking with you Gini.. I love you more than my luggage.

    • KristenDaukas How old is your luggage…

      • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes It’s really, really old. Actually, it’s a line from Steel Magnolias.. you’re a guy and it’s a chick flick, so I can’t assume you would know that. Cause you know that whole assume thing gets me in trouble every time.

        • KristenDaukas I have vague memories of being “asked” to see that in college but it was most certainly not one of the boys.

    • KristenDaukas You know what’s funny? I hadn’t even considered that when I wrote this…and then you and some people on my FB wall said the same thing. LOL!! Darn it!

  • I love how you’ve given a tired Twitter tradition and given it a whole new relevance with these focused recommendations.  
    When I’m having a crappy day, I pull up the post when *I* got SpinSuck’d. 🙂

    • jasonkonopinski Hah! I do the same. In fact I am going to visit it now to send to my kindle for portable confidence.

      • RebeccaTodd “Portable” confidence – LOVE.

        • jasonkonopinski RebeccaTodd …I did totally do it. I can’t say enough- I LOVE SEND TO KINDLE!

      • RebeccaTodd LOL! You and the Kindle. That’s so funny!! jasonkonopinski

    • bobledrew

      jasonkonopinski Is “to spinsuck” really a verb now?! Sounds dirrrrty.

      • bobledrew Well, ginidietrich did spend some time in the Red Light District during her recent trip to Amsterdam, so ……

        • jasonkonopinski bobledrew ginidietrich Like JaseFace!

        • jasonkonopinski bobledrew AND I got a beer bottle thrown at me!

    • jasonkonopinski I was probably way too nice to you in, too.

  • And then there was me; somehow I slipped in the back door….did you know I got over 1,000,000 follows after being featured?…ok, how about 7…and only 3 were spam. 
    I think it’s a great tradition and it’s stands out from the rest. You are very generous in your praise and support and that’s why you are beloved by so many. Even if that TV gig looses steam, I think you’ll still have a place in social.

    • bdorman264 But I bet the three stuck to your ribs rather than running through like bad Chinese food 😉

      • annelizhannan Like a green booger you can’t shake off your finger…:).

    • bdorman264 You think the TV gig will lose steam? I was kind of hoping I could use it to quit my job.

      • ginidietrich I think it’s got another 3-4 good years in it and if you are making a mil an episode, that’s not too shabby….

  • I enjoy the #FollowFriday posts you write. It’s not a bad idea to “take back” the #ff bit, but I did wince a little before I read the first one, thinking it would just be a stream of people’s names! It’s always good practice to back up any recommendation, so kudos to you!

    • bigboxcar Ha! I’m glad I swayed you away from wincing!

  • I LOVE this and your FF’s are so much more meaningful!  
    Did you really keep a spreadsheet for FF’s?  Really? LOL  
    (oh and to the rest of the Spin Suck community…am I the only one who noticed “crazies” – just sayin!)

    • belllindsay

      lizreusswig HAHAHA! Liz I thought you were going to say “I’m the only one who’s not crazy” – LOL

      • belllindsay lizreusswig I resemble that remark!

        • RebeccaTodd  belllindsay That’s the thing – we all do & ginidietrich knows it! 😉

      • belllindsay lizreusswig Huh, I could’ve tried that, but what would have been the point! 😉 LOL

      • belllindsay lizreusswig You are the only one who isn’t crazy, isn’t that what the lady in the mirror says. 😉 Or maybe I am the only who has a reflection that talks back. 😉

    • oh, and darn you ginidietrich – now I’m going to be wondering all day what else I should be tracking on a spreadsheet! :/

      • lizreusswig ginidietrich Oh yeah I used to do the same. Actually if you get super nerdy there are all sorts of things you can track. I kept a spreadsheet for a while last year that tracked sentiment in interactions with people online (blog comments, tweets, etc…) and what made people interact more, or less, with me.

        • JoeCardillo lizreusswig ginidietrich That’s kinda swoony.

        • RebeccaTodd JoeCardillo lizreusswig ginidietrich I believe you meant to use the word “dorky” ?

        • JoeCardillo RebeccaTodd lizreusswig ginidietrich I thought of “nerdy” (too old-fashioned?)…then immediately got distracted by all the  things I SHOULD be tracking, but am not!  ARRGH!

    • lizreusswig I did. I’m super anal. And I wanted to be sure I was fair. I can’t do that anymore, but it worked in the beginning.

      • ginidietrich it’s a great idea…just made me feel lacking in my own tracking systems! Then JoeCardillo came along and made me feel worse! 😉

  • I actually stole this idea from you ginidietrich about a year ago for one of my clients. We highlight a favorite brand or person each week. I’ve been doing themes with them (e.g. people who inspire their work, best taglines, best campaigns, etc.). It’s worked out very well. People as who is going to be recommended on Friday quite often; and it’s a really fun post to write.

    • MattLaCasse You did?! What a great idea! I might steal that idea for a client. Super good idea!

  • Aimee West

    Yes it does!

  • There’s nothing more annoying then having someone tell you how great they are. Second place for annoying goes to someone who asks what they need to do to be considered great.
    I was just talking to someone about job interviews yesterday, and I mentioned that I’ve had a radical shift in how I think and engage in them. So often we get caught in the “telling trap” where we say things like “I increased customer retention by 23%” or “I worked as an X for 3 years.” If we are passionate about what we do and can explain how and why we are engaged, then we don’t need to tell so much because they’ll see what drives us already.

    So in a way the answer to people who ask you about FF is: be good because you want to be good. If you do anything else, hasta la vista.

    • JoeCardillo Unless you want to bribe me. I’ll definitely bend to that. I mean, what you said.

  • Oh Ms. Dietrich. Of your myriad wonderful ideas, this tweak on an annoying twitter tradition is certainly one of your best. You are truly gifted in your ability to build relationships. I remember how special I met when you first followed on twitter, replied to my comments, found me on Face. Then to get the chance to meet you in person and hear you speak was exciting enough, but the next day when you gave me my Follow Friday shout out, I literally cried. It was so kind and thoughtful. Beyond that though, it speaks to me of your secure confidence. You have the strength to lift others up, rather than cut them down. I admire that trait in you greatly. Through your community, you have connected me to other Crazies who are just as kind and thoughtful, smart and opinionated, although no one lets me chastise and debate them like you do. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    • RebeccaTodd Stated beautifully! 🙂

    • RebeccaTodd I love you so much…in general and for saying this. Thank you.

      • ginidietrich RebeccaTodd How many love notes do I have to write before you will let me be your second alternate work wife or something?

        • RebeccaTodd let me know if ginidietrich shares that secret – would love to be a third alternate! 🙂

        • lizreusswig RebeccaTodd ginidietrich I AM in Chicougar next week…maybe I need to woo her with a token of my undying affection.

        • RebeccaTodd Oh you’re so lucky!  Wish I could meet you there! 🙂  Then we could bribe, oops I mean woo ginidietrich together! 🙂

        • RebeccaTodd I don’t think you really want to be my alternate work wife. I’m a huge pain. Just ask PattiRoseKnight

  • I have to send this to my mom, because when I told her why I was having such a great day on March 15, she said, “Ohhhh. I see. But what IS it?”

    • dwaynealicie I love it when you get something your mom is proud of.

  • PattiRoseKnight

    I wonder how long it will take us to come up on a Google search when someone Googles “crazies”….LOL!

    • PattiRoseKnight What!  You mean we don’t already? LOL

      • PattiRoseKnight

        lizreusswig PattiRoseKnight I chuckle inside every time I see it be cause I previously worked at a non-profit in mental health rehabilitation and that particular word was a no-no then and now I can say it all I want and it is encouraged LOL!

      • lizreusswig PattiRoseKnight We don’t yet, but now I’m on a mission!

  • Let’s me be the 27th person to say that I love how you’ve turned a lame Twitter thing into a valuable tool for networking, not to mention highlighting interesting peeps.

    • AnneReuss

      bradmarley My turn my turn! Hi Gini Dietrich. I love it too.  What an efficacious way to let someone know they matter more than a short tweet with a shelf life of one hour.

      • AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich Now there’s a jerkface Twitter pickup line – “I’d follow you for an hour”

        • HowieG

          JoeCardillo AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich did you know that right after Gini publishes her Follow Friday she unfollows that person on Twitter? Yes it is true! I know because she did it to me.

        • HowieG JoeCardillo AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich Sounds more like a curse, really.

        • HowieG JoeCardillo AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich  This comment and the image of Gini laughing as she presses “Unfollow” then “Confirm” is priceless.

        • JoeCardillo AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich Damn it……there goes my BEST Twitter line!

        • Robb Wexler JoeCardillo AnneReuss bradmarley Gini Dietrich I once asked someone: “New handle?” That’s like the equivalent of “Come here often?” right?

        • HowieG HOWIE! Stop spreading lies. LOL!!  JoeCardillo AnneReuss

    • bradmarley Is 27 a slight exaggeration?

      • ginidietrich Maybe a tad slight.

        • bradmarley ginidietrich Tad Slight was my first Twitter name.

  • So … you do like me though, right? Right?? Ha!

    My first thought is why would you ask but I guess people ask to be recommended on LInkedin, etc. In my case, I didn’t even have time to think about how to get recommended. You slapped that surprise on me so fast I could barely manage a thank you. Talk about early Christmas. 

    • kateupdates I totally don’t like you. What gave you that idea?!?!

      • ginidietrich kateupdates I confuse easily.

  • I always assumed, given the caliber of recommendations, that being utterly and insanely awesome was the main reason.  Now that the veil has been lifted, I suppose your criteria makes sense, too.  🙂

    • HeatherTweedy LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much. LOL!!

  • susancellura

    Gini, This does not surprise me. Your team is very thorough and I read every recommendation to learn about the person and decide if following him/her will benefit us mutually.

    • susancellura Thank you, Susan! I am pretty choosy about it and always require it be someone who participates here.

  • bobledrew

    Whatevs. My only suggestion for Gin & Topics got ignored, I probably don’t comment enough to get, as Konopinski says, “SpinSuck’d”… I’m just a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.

    • bobledrew I did take your video under advisement, but it got beat out by a kid mispronouncing dump truck and Jimmy Kimmel giving a five year old a lie detector test.

  • HowieG

    You left out that unless I receive significant cash gifts, I mean grants, and cupcakes I will block all nominations.

    • HowieG You get a cupcake delivery every week just for gracing us with your presence.

  • Best part of this article… the fake tweet engine, oh the things I can do with that. 😉 I like your recommendations, and some have inspired me to do more. Keep them coming.

    • Rodriguez247 Right?! It’s so freaking awesome. I made up some tweets for belllindsay . Bwahahahaha!

  • sherrilynne

    Great philosphy. I always read your  FF features.

  • DaxNair

    Agree with you that the impersonal approach to FF that you see today does not work for most people. Especially when the recommenders themselves do not follow the recommendees! Heard you on Six Pixels a while ago…

    • DaxNair Ah…with my social media husband, Mitch Joel! Hope you enjoyed it.

      • DaxNair

        ginidietrich DaxNair Sure did!

  • love your recommendations. quality peeps + thorough introduction = real deal community. keep ’em coming!

  • I’ve always viewed your Follow Friday posts as gifts you give to people.

  • Do any of you find it odd–really odd– that people even ask how to be mentioned as a FF or just ask to featured? Isn’t it common sense? #whatswrongwithpeopletoday?

    • allenmireles I find it odd, but then I believe hard work is what gets you noticed, which typically makes it harder to grow sometimes.

    • allenmireles I find it odd, too, but I’m with Gini. I’ll let my work speak for itself.

  • I love you Gini Dietrich. I mean … love this post, that is. Wait. Crap. I mean I *do* love you, but … dammit.

  • I still remember the August morning that I woke up to find a #FollowFriday post about me. First I sat in disbelief, then I called my boss and told him about it and he asked me what the big deal was. That was when I knew that job was never going to work out. 🙂
    At the risk of sounding sappy, it totally made my day when you did that for me. It made me feel like someone was getting the real me behind the sarcasm and silliness. It also showed me what people really and truly thought of my blog. I really need to get back to blogging  I think.
    So, I have to say, I found Spin Sucks by accident, showed up every day and began demanding cake. The best Gini could offer was a picture of one. I have to say that I think its kind of weird in a bad way to ask for the #FF. I never asked and never even thought to. It blew my mind and made my day when it happened.

  • Keena Lykins

    ginidietrich Post with a Purpose. That’s what I tell my clients. I normally ignore FF but thanks for the reminder that it can be a useful tool.

    • Keena Lykins ginidietrich I remember someone once called me a “useful tool.” I’m still not sure if it was complimentary.

    • Keena Lykins It’s so strange so many of us HATE the kind of self-serving junk, yet we get behind a computer screen and do precisely that. I like Post with a Purpose.

      • ginidietrich Keena Lykins I’m so inspired I’m now going over to Brookfield Zoo to post with a porpoise.

        • Keena Lykins

          Robb Wexler ginidietrich Keena Lykins  Way to frustrate a creature without opposable thumbs, Robb.

        • Keena Lykins Robb Wexler ginidietrich Are you saying porpoises can’t build things….or they can’t hitch hike?

        • Keena Lykins

          Robb Wexler Keena Lykins ginidietrich  They can’t hitch hike or text, although I hear Apple is working on an iFlipper to solve that problem.

        • Keena Lykins Robb Wexler ginidietrich Knowing Apple, it’s going to cost an arm and a fin.

  • I think I’m so far behind on my “Follow Fridays” that I”m still FollowingMonday.

  • Well, darn. I guess I can go put this car soap and windshield cleaner away then. Guess I’ll just subscribe and interact (skulks away taking her hashtag and two upper case “F’s” with her………)  

    • biggreenpen I’m willing to be bribed. But don’t tell anyone I said that.

      • ginidietrich biggreenpen I didn’t hear a THING. Honest to god. And there may or may not be a “Writing with Big Green Pen” notepad in the mail to you. JUST as a hello, of course. NEVER as a bribe. 🙂 🙂

  • I thought we had to gift you shoes… hmm

    • Hajra  That will totally work!

    • PattiRoseKnight

      Hajra  Bears fans get special preference….just kidding…or am I? LOL!

      • PattiRoseKnight Hmmm… 🙂

  • @Aimee West Smooches!

  • As a newbie I can certainly recommend to ‘lurkers’ that they should feel free to jump in and comment. I know its a bit off the point, but I think you guys should be commended again on the community you have built here.
    If you are going to comment on a blog, this is one of the best to do it on. Its a very tangible thing this community, it stands out a mile after even a cursory glance at each post and the comment section – but equally its not an intimidating thing either. 
    They will listen respectfully to what you have to say, and respond in some of the most intelligent ways you’ll find on the interweb. Truly a community and truly of value. Its almost feels like a closed forum rather than an open blog.
    Join in, the waters great, and this gang certainly do welcome you, where ever you are, and what ever you want to say (within reason) 
    Just dont expect them to necessarily agree with you! (my favourite thing about this community)

    • MrTonyDowling Love you for saying this, Tony! I’m happy to know it’s not intimidating and you feel like we welcome newbies. thank you.

      • ginidietrich MrTonyDowling If the people here put up with me they will put up with anyone. I set the bar……as well as having spent a lot of time at the bar………usually before posting comments.

  • rdopping

    If I comment less will you renig my #FF post?

  • chriscaval

    (Shyly typing with bowed head, eyes peaking beneath bangs.) Hello, my name is Chris and I’m a virgin commenter. I’m ready to take my lurker skirt off and dance on the stage…

    • chriscaval Bwahahaah! Everyone now! Hi Chris!

  • juliaprior

    Wow. Now I also feel the need to come out of the shadows of my lurking. But only to say that I love how you do Follow Friday. I don’t see the point in reading anyone’s recommendation unless they tell me why I should follow them, so thank you for doing that.

    • juliaprior You’re too funny! I’m glad you made an appearance. And thank you for saying so.

  • The group #FollowFriday’s can be overwhelming, even if I generally appreciate the original gesture. We took a page from your book. We do one person each Friday — we don’t do a blog post, but we do a few tweets and a full paragraph on G+ and FB.

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  • I have always liked the way you do #FF. I am not a fan of the twitter influx either, but I hate being that person who never does it, even though I am #FF’d almost every week. I think it’s a little like Klout +Ks. An empty recommendation without context most of the time.

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  • Liza Butcher

    What a great idea! I loved reading about your different @FollowFriday featured individuals.

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  • Juliwilson789

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