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36 Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than You

By: Laura Petrolino | December 26, 2017 | 

32 Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than YouA couple of years ago I came up with this great idea….

I thought to myself:

Hey self, wouldn’t it be fun to write a blog post like “Five Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than You”?

The I’d thought I’d highlight the things we could learn from these social….well animals (hehe, get it? “Social animals!” Gah…I kill myself).

So I turned to Facebook to ask everyone who their favorites were.

Here’s the thing: I quickly learned this post actually should be titled, “Five Million Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than You.”

Because, in fact….our animal buddies are kicking our two-legged butts when it comes to social media strategy.

Like, for real folks.

So, while this list is NOT exclusive of all the awesome social animals (hehe…one paragraph later, still find that clever…) out there, here is very small sampling to help inspire your own social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy Lessons from Animals

Warning: before further, make sure you have nothing important to get done today.

You will, I repeat, you will fall down a black hole of animal amazingness.

If anyone questions you, just let them know you are doing intensive research to improve your company’s social media strategy.

Go with that, OK?

We will back you up.

Doug the Pug Really is the King of Pop Culture

Doug the Pug: Doug got so many votes, I doubt he can even count that high. He is, undoubtedly, hipper than you. And he is the one-stop-pug to stay up-to-date on all your most pug-alicious pop culture trends and news.

“‪I don’t care how long the line at Starbucks is, I’m waiting for my latte‬” -Doug

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

What makes Doug great?

  • His unique voice.
  • Use of visuals like a freaking pug boss.
  • Plays into contemporary culture and trends.
  • Extremely responsive and interactive with his community.

Theodore Rules The ‘Staff” on Pibble Hill

Pibbling with Theodore: Another all-around crowd favorite.

So popular, in fact, his mom got the word “pibbling” into the Urban Dictionary (I’m still working on getting PetroPower there….help a girl out already folks). 

Why everyone loves Theo:

  • Strong and unique voice and personality.
  • Relatable situations and struggles.
  • Interactive persona.
  • Clever memes and signature catchlines.

Loki’s Adventures Will Make You Wish You Were a Dog

Loki the Wolfdog: One word for what you can learn from Loki’s social media strategy: imagery.

The beautiful use of photos and video is breathtaking and makes me jealous of Loki’s adventures.

Gawk over Loki because of:

  • Amazing imagery and user of photographs and videos.
  • Simplistic, yet effective content style.
  • Visual storytelling.

Esther Could be Your Next Spokesperson

Esther the Wonder Pig: Esther is a case study in clear and consistent messaging.

She would be a communicator’s dream spokesperson.

She has some very clear talking points she wants to get across and she does so in a variety of ways, with a light and fun tone.

But regardless of if she is dressed-up, going for a run, or just lounging around, she keeps on message like a boss (a pig boss!)

Why Esther is oink-aful:

  • Consistent personality and voice
  • Clear and targeted messaging
  • Consistent talking points and great segues

Unique and Notable

A couple of others with unique social media strategy and tactics, specifically when it comes to using content and voice to connect directly with their niche audience.

Cat Food Breath: If you have a cat, you’ll get it.

Why you’ll love to hate cat food breath:

  • Painfully relatable.

A Single Bear: This is the most philosophical bear on social media.

What’s unique about this bear?

  • You can ponder the universe with him.

Captain Cowpants and Dimitri the SharPei:

Almost any animal person will tell you they have distinct voice with which they imagine each of their furry (or scaly, or feathery) children might have.

Cappy and Dmitri bring that to life on social media, which makes their vibrant personalities that much more charismatic.

Why you will crush on Captain Cowpants and Dimitri:

  • Strong and consistent voice and personality.

Hope You Weren’t Planning on Working Today

…because here are a ton of other fan favorites!

(Note: Of those suggested, I didn’t include them if they weren’t managed by the animal, weren’t currently active, were a personal account vs. a page, or were posted after this was set to publish—although I tried to add a few of the later ones.

If I didn’t include you it doesn’t mean I don’t love you and your social animal.)

Facebook Animal Social Media Stars

Rhea the Naked Birdie (warning this one is NSFW, because…. #naked)

Pete the Tapeworm (Pete doesn’t follow any of the rules laid out above. It’s not an active account and it’s a personal account not a page, but #nepotism is alive and strong here at Spin Sucks)

Sadie the Wonderpup

Land Hippos

The Wheekly

Bruno The Dog

Teddy Bear the Porcupine

Life of Pikelet

Cole and Marmalade

Draven the Therapy Cat

Evie the Pit Bull

Lisa-Lee’s World, Poly-Ana’s World, and Lil’ Shih

All About Butters

The Blue Boys

Calista The Pit Bull

Buddy the Therapy Dog

Tanky Poo Poo

Unlucky Victor (Victor has a very unique technique of side-commenting under each post, which is a lot of fun)

Instagram Animal Celebrities

Ivy and Atlas

Tuna Melts My Heart

Melanie Raccoon

Dean The Bassett 

Madame Opal

Harlow and Sage

Bodhi and Stella

Lola + Kai

Tubs and Crew

Sir Burpee

Chloe Kardoggian

Who are your favorites?

Post who and why in the comments below!

(Note: I think there are more than 36 here, but I lost count.)

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  • There are only 4 things that go viral. Animals. Babies. People wiping out. And I forget the third. But Brand stuff almost never ever goes viral unless it includes Animals. Babies. or People wiping out. The other I think is when brands drop their pants and pricing to give away mega bribes of free stuff.

    Ad Week publishes the top 10 viral ads on You Tube each week. When you look at the stats you realize no one is watching branded content on Youtube.

    So are you saying that Gini needs to hand the reigns over to JB for Arment Dietrich to go big time on the social web? He is faster quicker better stronger right? Leaps small kittens in a single bound. Gobbles up dog food faster than a speeding bullet.

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying. As CCO (chief canine officer), I believe JB will lead this company in the right direction.

  • So much fun! I’m a fan of Aspen the Mountain Pup ( Aspen is similar to Loki – all about beautiful imagery and visual storytelling.

    • Laura Petrolino

      Ohhh…I’ll have to visit Aspen soon!

  • Oh how I love this post! I love it because of all the animal cuteness (and the sheer fun of the crowdsourcing that lasted throughout all yesterday and allowed us to employ our animal emojis to the max). But to the point of communications strategy — they DO each teach us to return to fundamentals in how we communicate (clear message, creative use of imagery, interacting with community). Less emphasis on “here’s what my product can do for you” and more on “once we connect with each other meaningfully you’ll probably want what I have so much you’ll want more info.” // Also, as the administrator of an inanimate Twitter (let me know when you do your “Traffic Lights of Social Media” post (or maybe I should greenlight a guest post on this)), for the, ahem, “authors” of these accounts, four legged or two, it’s always a great exercise to have to create messaging from a perspective other than your own. It helps put you in the shoes of others, which helps you be a more versatile communicator.

    • Laura Petrolino

      That’s such a good point. It is a good exercise. Sort of like how I think communicators would benefit from taking acting classes. Displacing yourself is a really important skill.

      (And you know you’d make my top ten lists for traffic lights of social media…hands down)

      • Quickly, while the light is red and people are taking their deep breaths of optimism, thank you for that shout out. Green light to a #PetroPowered day to you.

  • I’m slightly obsessed. I follow approximately 2.48 million animal accounts, mostly on instagram, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Ok, oatmeal_the_golden, gus_thegolden, and shermiethebernie.

    • Laura Petrolino

      You like big dogs and you cannot lie….and other canines can’t deny. When a dog walks in with that big bushy tail and…..

      • I mean, the tailage is incredible.

  • Dawn Buford

    Animals are clever and I’m convinced they are actually smarter than people. Non-judgmental and always there to cheer you up. That’s why they’re so popular on social media – no snarky comments, no bullying, just good fun. Fun post Laura!

    • Laura Petrolino

      LOL! Definitely smarter than people, and sooo true. You don’t find many passive aggressive dog trolls causing chaos on the social channels.

      • /opensnewtwitteraccount @passiveaggressivedog

        • Laura Petrolino

          Do it!!!!

  • Super entertaining post, Laura! Go PetroPower!

    • Laura Petrolino

      Woohoo! #petropower

  • Occasionally, I worry that I might worry about being a good bear more often than I do things that might help me be a good bear. I am a bear.

  • Thank you for including our AdoraBULL fir kid @Evie the Pitbull!!!! Very cool!!!!

    • I meant FUR kid!! 😉

      • Corina Manea


        • Laura Petrolino

          My pleasure Erin! Give Evie a big hug for me!

  • Corina Manea

    Good thing I did not read your post in the morning! I wouldn’t have worked at all!

    This is awesome!

    • Laura Petrolino

      Right! It’s the most dangerous post I’ve ever written!

  • I’m partial to the racehorse Run Happy: He has over 28k followers.

    • Laura Petrolino

      Ahh…we need a horse in this mix!

  • Check out @a_dog_named_chicken on IG! <3

    • Laura Petrolino

      OMG! He’s adorable!!!!

  • I Love Draven the Therapy Cat, he comes to the Hospital I work at on my floor and we All Love when he comes to visits! The Patients are Always happy to see him while he and his Momma visit with them and usually brings them some sorta gift! The Staff on the floor like me Always are there to give him Lots of Love as well! Just Blessed to have such a Sweet and Friendly cat come and visit us at the Hospital, hope he is around for Many years to bring his Beautiful light into others hearts!!!!!

    • Laura Petrolino

      How fun!! I’m very jealous you get to see him so often. We are so lucky to have such amazing therapy animals.

  • thanks for mentioning Unlucky Victor! This is “Mom Linda”, who ‘helps’ Victor write his posts every day. I am in rescue, and know how much rescuers need a positive, happy page. I do hope that his posts give everyone a smile.

    • Laura Petrolino

      Thank you Linda and thank Victor for us. And you are 100 percent correct, rescuers see so much heartbreak, it’s wonderful to have someone like Victor—such a great success story—to serve as a constant, cheery reminder that what you all do matters so much. The positive effects of each rescue, amplified gazillions of times with each heart Victor touches 🙂

  • I love Harley, Lil Olive, Phantom from shelter cat to spoiled cat, Clanc Mc Adam, Agent Little Joe, and, Caution the gentle giant.

    • Laura Petrolino

      Ohhh….lots of good ones to check out here! Who needs to work anyway 😉

  • My favorites (in addition to Unlucky Victor): TuggerTails, Mona Pants, an Teddy the Spazman

    • Laura Petrolino

      Teddy the Spazman!!! I’m going to give that middle name to my dog too! Can’t wait to check these out

  • The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter is the best animal comedy ! Snarky humor, sarcasm and laughs from the viewpoint of animals in a municipal shelter.

    • Laura Petrolino

      OMG! I can tell I love this one already!!

  • The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter is the best site on the Internet – it has a snarky and sarcastic approach to municipal shelter life from the viewpoint of the animals

    • Laura Petrolino

      Thanks Kensi! Can’t wait to check them out

  • paulakiger

    It’s fun to revisit this one!!! I have to admit (and yes it’s a tad political), it’s been fun to follow Roy Moore’s Horse (the Twitter account of Sassy) over the past few weeks (apparently it’s geared to midlife people because Sassy tweets in ALL CAPS ONLY, Laura).

    • OMG! I must follow this!!! And LOL!! Obviously you are correct. Midlifers only for that horse!

  • Julia Carcamo

    I ran into My Best Friend Hank and his parents in the Las Vegas airport and totally fan girled them! He wore my client’s bandana in his Christmas picture!!!!

  • dear lord – give me strength to endure all these humans to exclude our feathered friends from this list – here’s a BIRD video on our fan page that got 30K likes – 33K shares and 1M+ views

  • As a former dog breeder, show handler and musher for 25 years I get it yet I’ve come to discover that birds INVENTED social media – I state my case here:

    • Haha! This is great! Super valid points!!! And I agree, we need some birds on this list. I’d add you guys, but it’s only for accounts the the animal or bird is the voice of the account. But next week, I’ll add a special note stating your case and noting this omission!

  • Jen

    My favorites are the ones doing a yeoman’s job reforming the much-maligned (and largely false) image of pitties:

    First, there’s Lilly The Hero Pit Bull — This amazing breed representative pulled her owner, who had fainted, off of the train tracks–losing a leg in the process. This wonderful “tripod” has a very active community, which helps people find alternative housing (when they need to move and have trouble finding housing due to breed-specific restrictions), and assist owners who have trouble paying for medical care, etc. for their beloved pets. (more on Lilly’s story here: )

    Next, there’s Sookie & Ivy the Pit Mixes: their owner takes the most adorable, engaging, and lovely photos of these two beauties. I love them.

    There’s also a Twitter feed that tracks the CIA’s dog training program, which is fun and informative; it was also a bit poignant (but had a happy ending!) when one of the dogs decided she just didn’t enjoy the work.

    • I know Lilly the Hero PitBull and her wonderful mom well. In another life I ran a non-profit focused on changing public perception of pit bulls. So this is a cause that’s also near and dear to my heart.

      And ohhh…the CIA one sounds fascinating!