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The Communicator’s Ultimate User-Generated Content Guide

By: Laura Petrolino | September 24, 2018 | 

The Ultimate User-Generated Content GuideOh yes…it’s the ULTIMATE user-generated content guide.

I thought about calling in the “Ridiculously Awesome and Phenomenal User-Generated Content Guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” with all exclamation marks definitely included.

But then I thought, “You know what, Laura? Less is more. Reign it in a bit and let the guide do the talking for itself.”

So I landed on a happy medium: “ultimate.” And painfully (very painfully) removed the exclamation marks.

I figured you all would know me well enough to just assume they are implied.

So please assume somewhere around five exclamation marks.

Here is why this is the ULTIMATE user-generated content guide.

The fact is, we’ve written about user-generated content a lot.

But sometimes it’s hard to know what post to go to in order to get the info you need.

Or, where to go if you just need it all (which is what you’ll find in this post).

Heck, I work here and have written most of these post, and even I don’t really know half the time what info is in which.

So think of this as the index in the back of a great book on user-generated content.

Start HERE for Your User-Generated Content Campaign

OK, so you and your team decide you want to do a user-generated content campaign.

If you are a soloprenuer, you and your cat, dog, or imaginary friend decide (don’t lie, you know you talk business with your dog).

But….wait a minute. Yikes! Where do you start?

You start here, friends. You start here.

How to Create Successful User-Generated Content Campaigns

In this article you’ll:

  • Learn how to set clear goals and objectives for your campaign.
  • Be guided on how to align your campaign with your brand message and voice.
  • Figure out what channel(s) you should host your campaign on.
  • Learn what to look for in Google Analytics to make smart choices about your campaign.
  • Understand how and why to anchor your campaign design around your goals and objectives.
  • See some examples of great UGC campaigns in order to help you design your own.
  • Learn how to test campaign ideas prior to launching a full-scale campaign.
  • How to find micro-influencers.
  • How to engage and nurture micro-influencers.
  • What you need to know to choose the right hashtag.

Whew! OK, I think that’s it.

Optimize with the PESO Model

When people many people think user-generated content, they think social media.

But Spin Sucks readers aren’t most people!

And while social media plays an important role in any user-generated content, it shouldn’t be the only part.

Enter the PESO model!

This article teaches you how to optimize your user-generated content campaign with the PESO model.

Which means it also teaches you how to be awesome.

And who doesn’t want to be awesome?

I guess people who don’t use the PESO model, that’s who.

Optimize Your User-Generated Content Campaign with the PESO Model

In this article you’ll learn:

  • The important role owned media plays in your campaign.
  • What to include in a user-generated content campaign launch post.
  • When to announce the launch of your UGC campaign.
  • How to map out your UGC content campaign’s user journey.
  • How to use shared, earned, and paid media to promote your campaign and build excitement.
  • Why a PESO model user-generated content campaign will improve influencer recruitment and relationships.
  • How to use an integrated approach to influencer campaigns.
  • A simple way to track and measure influencer ROI.
  • What to include in the launch of a PESO model influencer campaign.
  • How to use influencers in a PESO model campaign
  • And boohoos of ideas on how to promote through all the media channels.

FTC Disclosure Rules

Speaking of influencers. Anytime you work with them you need to be aware of all FTC disclosure rules.

So here is a deep dive into the dos and don’ts.

I’ll keep this article updated to make sure you are always getting the most accurate info.

FTC Disclosure: The Latest Guidelines for Social Media Influencers

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to disclose.
  • Who is responsible for following the FTC guidelines (spoiler alert: YOU).
  • What you need to disclose when.
  • What to do about built-in disclosures.
  • And resources to ease your anxiety.

User-Generated Content Across the Generations

Here’s the question: do you need to adjust your user-generated content campaign depending on what generation you target?

Does age matter when it comes to UGC?

This is a question Paula Kiger and I attempted to address in this series of posts.

Four Examples of User-Generated Content with Generational Appeal

Find Paula’s article here .

It’s also one we will address this Saturday at the Type A Parent Conference.

Here’s an overview of what we will discuss:

The best online communities are often made up of people who come from many different demographics but are connected through one thread of unity — your blog. What happens when you need to appeal to someone in a different demographic than your own? What does it take to create content that appeals to them? Do millennials only respond to emojis and gifs? Will midlifers talk about themselves on social media? This session will help you build a strategy to engage readers of all ages and walks of life.

So if you are in the Chicago area on Saturday, come see us!

Make Instagram Your User-Generated Content Muse

No doubt, Instagram lends itself to being an amazing place to host and promote UGC campaigns.

So these articles, while not all UGC-specific, will help you take you level-up your Instagram game.

The Complete Guide to Using Instagram for Business

The Communicator’s Guide to Instagram Stories for Business

Creative Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Seven Free Instagram Apps to Create Rockstar-Quality Feed

Hosting and Promoting an Instagram Takeover in Seven Easy Steps


The Big Question: How Important Are Social Media Stories?

The Big Question: Finding Influencers for PR Activities

8 Tips to Encourage User-generated Content on Instagram

What Else Would You Like to See Here?

If this is going to be the ULTIMATE GUIDE, it needs to really live up to that namesake.

So what’s missing? What else would you like to see here?

It’s a living guide, so your needs will help direct what content and resources we add here.

Leave your comment below or in our Spin Sucks Community.

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